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How To Turn Off The Animated Effects On Windows 11

Maybe you were cool with the windows 11 animated effects in the beginning when you first installed the operating system on your computer. However, you do not seem so intrigued with the animated effects anymore.

They seem to bore you now because you have become fed up with them. In this case, you may probably be looking for a way to get rid of them. If you have been thinking about what I just said, then I have the solution right here for you.

The animated effects may also be the cause of some delays and instability problems in your system so if you want to have a system that runs much smoother, you will want to get rid of the animated effects.

How To Turn The Windows 11 Animated Effects Off

The process to turn off the animated effects of the windows 11 operating system off is quite easy. Everyone at all can make use of these settings. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the windows 11 settings
  2. Click on ‘accessibility you can locate it on the sidebar
  3. Now, enter ‘visual effects’ you will be able to see a switch beside the ‘animated effects. Now turn this switch off
  4. After you are done, exit from the settings menu


And you are done. You can have successfully turned off the animated effects of the windows 11 operating system. You can use the same procedure to turn the animated effects back on if you feel like you want to be seeing them again after some time.

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So this short article was all about how to turn off the animated effects of your windows 11 machine. I hope this has been helpful to you windows users.

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