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The Various Types Of Computers

There are several types of modern computers out there that most people do not know about, and due to this, we have decided to shed some light on the various types of computers there are in this article. So let us get underway.

What Is A Computer? 

A computer is a type of machine that can be programmed to cause it to manipulate symbols. It takes specific instructions in a well-defined manner and can execute a list of prerecorded instructions. It also stores data and can retrieve large amounts of data as well.

So we can say that a computer is a machine that performs complex and repetitive procedures very fast.  

Now Let Us Take A Look At The Types Of Computers



A supercomputer is a term that is used for the fastest computers available. These computer systems are very expensive and are only used for some specialized works that need lots of mathematical calculations to be done.

Works like weather forecasting use a supercomputer to be able to give accurate weather readings.

Because Supercomputers have supercomputing power, they are also used in electronic design, nuclear energy research, calculations, and analysis of geographical data.

Mainframe Computer

mainframe computer

The mainframe computer is a powerful computer that can support hundreds of users simultaneously. It is also a multi-user computer.

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mini computer

The minicomputer is a midsize computer. It is a multiprocessing system that can handle up to 200 users at the same time. The actual distinction between minicomputers and mainframe computers seems to have vanished.

Workstation Computer

workstation computer

The workstation computer is a type of computer used for engineering purposes, software development, desktop publishing, and many other tasks that only use a moderate amount of power and high-quality graphics capabilities.

They normally have a large and high-resolution graphics screen and a large amount of RAM. They also have built-in network support.

The majority of workstations have a large storage drive like a disk drive. Workstations normally run on the UNIX and Windows NT operating systems.

The majority of them are single-user computers, although they are normally linked together to form a local network.

Personal Computer

personal computer

These are small, less expensive computers that are designed for use by an individual. They first emerged in the 1970s.

These are the most popular computers in the world since individuals use them. They are based on microprocessor technology, enabling them to have an entire CPU put on a single chip.

Personal computers are normally used for running spreadsheets, processing, and accounting. Most people also use them at home to play video games and watch videos and movies. The Apple 2 is an example of one of the earliest personal computer machines.

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In the personal computer category, we have several types. They are the tower mode, the desktop mode, notebook model, laptops models, subnotebook model, palmtop models, PDA, and hand-held models.

Most Important Parts Of A computer

Computers have some parts that are very important to the overall performance of the machine. Some of those important components are


A CPU can be considered the heart of the computer. This is where all the various executions take place, and it is also the part that tells the computer what to do.


Used to temporarily store data and programs that the computer is working on at a particular moment. It is also known as the RAM, which means ‘random access memory.


Used for storing large amounts of data and programs permanently. Well-known storage devices include the hard disk drive and the solid-state drive. 

Types Of Computer Devices

Input Device

These are devices that enable the user to input commands into the computer for execution. Examples are the keyboard, microphone, and mouse.

Output Devices

These are devices that bring out the results of the commands fed into the computer to process. Examples are speakers and monitors.


So now we know the various types of computers that are there in the world. Most of these are personal computers which can be seen almost everywhere we go.

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However, the most powerful and most expensive of these computers are used in large companies and institutions to carry out complicated work quickly. Don’t forget to read some more articles about computers on our website.

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