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The Various Types Of The USB Flash Drive

There are several types of USB flash drives. Today, there is no actual difference between the pen drive and the flash drive as it was before since they are the same thing now.

They come in the same sizes, and they perform the same functions. So if you mentioned a pen drive, you would be referring to the flash drive as well, and they are the same today.  

The Types Of Pen Drive 

There are four main types of pen drives. Here they are below.

  • USB 2.0 is the standard pen drive, and it is the most commonly used pen drive around. It has a transfer rate of 60MB/sec.
  • USB 3.0- this pen drive is much faster than the USB 2.0 pen drive. The USB .0 can transfer data up to 625MB/sec speeds. Due to its speed in terms of writing, reading, and transferring data, it has become one of the most popular options for people in the modern era.
  • USB 3.1 and 3.2- this is the latest in the USB pen drive family, and as such, it is the fastest. They have a data transfer speed of 1250MB/sec and 2500MB/sec, respectively. This also means that they are the most expensive of all the pen drive types on the market. 

Pen Drive Types Based On Usage

The USB pen drive developed over the years, and there are several drives that you may not have heard of. Here are some drives according to their usage. Let us look at some of them.

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Security Pen Drive

This is a normal pen drive like all other pen drives. However, this kind of pend drive has a security feature that allows you to protect the data that you keep on it. Most of these allow you to put a password on the data to encrypt so that anyone who accesses the drive without your permission will not be able to look at what is stored on it. Cryptex is one of the companies that makes security pen drives.

Music Pen Drive

These kinds of drives can store and transfer music among devices. They come in different fancy designs and types, such as a USB 2.0 or a USB 3.0.they are also designed to be very portable and thus come in a miniature design. 

A Boot Pen Drive

This is a kind of pen drive that has the additional ability to install operating systems on a computer. The process of turning a pen drive or any other external storage to be made for booting purposes is known as ‘making bootable’.

All you have to do is insert the boot drive when you have a computer that will not work due to a ‘missing operating system.’

Pen Drives Appearances

There are several ways to get your pen drive-in. Some are fashionable, while others are just a form of packaging and branding for a specific business that gave the pen drives away. Here are some of them below.

  1. Credit card pen drive
  2. Keychain pen drive
  3. Wristband pen drive
  4. Branded USB pen drive
  5. Dummy head pen drive

Pen Drive Storage Sizes

Like every computer gadget today that can store data, pend drives also come in different sizes, which affects their pricing.

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The higher the storage sizes of the pen drive, the more expensive it gets. Below are the known sizes of the pen drives since their inception, from the lowest to the highest.

  1. 128MB
  2. 256MB
  3. 512MB
  4. 1GB
  5. 2GB
  6. 4GB
  7. 8GB
  8. 16GB
  9. 32GB
  10. 64GB
  11. 128GB
  12. 256GB
  13. 512GB
  14. 1TB
  15. 2TB

These are the sizes of the pen drive from its inception up to date. Of course, the lower sizes are not popular anymore because they cannot store much information in today’s technological world when the only thing that will be 5MB is a Microsoft word file with pictures in it.


In this article, we took a look at the various types and sizes of pen drives or flash drives that we have. You are now well informed about your next pen drive purchase.

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