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We have all been at a point that we will like to know how to hide our files be it pictures or videos, making it private so that only we can have access to.

On this article, I am gonna teach you on how to hide your personal files (that is files you don’t want anybody to see when he or she collects your phone). Follow the steps below.

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Step 1. First of all, you need to DOWNLOAD and install the Smart Hide Calculator App from Google Play on your Android smartphone/tablet.

Step 2. Now open the App and it will prompt you to set a password. Set a fairly hard yet easy to remember the password because this will let you unlock/lock your private hidden files.

Step 3. After you confirmed the password, you and who every takes your Android smartphone will only see a fully functional Calculator App.

Step 4. To start using the app or adding your private files, you just need to enter the password and tap on the “=” button to access the vault.

Step 5. Then enter your password and tap on ‘=’ button, The App will give you options likes “Hide Files”, “Unhide Files,” Change Password etc.

Click on the Hide Files icon and select the drive and the file folder or individual videos/music/photographs or documents you want to hide.

Press Ok and all your important top-secret files and folders are hidden behind the most trusted app in the world, your Calculator.  If you want to unhide the files then simply go to the vault and select the option “Unhide Files” and from there you can unhide files.

In case you forget your password, don’t worry, the password can be reset using a master key by pressing 123456789+987654321

The Smart Hide Calculator App is perhaps the best way to hide your important files and folders on your Android.

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