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How To Hide Your Private Files Inside Calculator App On Android Smartphone

At some point or another, we’ve all wished we knew how to make our media files private so that no one else could see them.

Here I will show you how to conceal your files, meaning those that you would want the person who retrieves your phone not to see. Just follow these steps.

  • The first step is to get the Smart Hide Calculator app on your Android device. You can find it on Google Play.
  • Launch the app now; a password request will appear. To unlock or lock your private hidden files, you must set a Password that is both difficult to remember and reasonably complicated.
  • You and anybody else who gains access to your Android device will only be able to see the fully working Calculator app if you confirm the PasswordPassword.
  • Access the vault by entering the PasswordPassword and tapping the “=” button to begin using the app or adding your confidential files.
  • After that, type in your password and hit the “=” button. Like “Hide Files,” “Unhide Files,” Change Password, etc., the app will provide you with options.
  • Pick the drive, the folder, or specific files (films, music, photos, documents, etc.) that you wish to conceal, then click the Hide Files icon.
  • Once you hit the “Ok” button, your most sensitive documents will be safely tucked away in the world’s most reliable app: your calculator.

To reveal the hidden files, navigate to the vault and use the “Unhide Files” option.

Do not worry if you happen to misplace your PasswordPassword. To reset your password, press the master key combination 123456789+987654321.

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One of the most effective ways to conceal crucial Android files and folders is with the Smart Hide Calculator app.

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