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About Donewell Insurance Company Limited: Policies, Contact, And More

The landscape of insurance companies in Ghana is indeed vast, with many claiming to offer top-notch services and a range of insurance products.

Recognizing the value of insurance as a crucial investment for protection against unforeseen events, individuals often seek reliable and reputable insurance providers.

Donewell Insurance Company Limited stands out as one of the best-known and most reputable insurance companies in the country.

Its reputation extends beyond just being a provider; it has become a household name among the majority of the population.

This widespread recognition is a testament to the company’s impact and the trust it has earned among the Ghanaian people.

The core objective of Donewell Insurance Company Limited is to deliver exceptional insurance policies, emphasizing effective risk management for its clients.

By doing so, the company plays a crucial role in providing individuals and businesses with the financial security and peace of mind that come with robust insurance coverage.

Establishment And Aim

Established in 1988 in Ghana, Donewell Insurance Company Limited boasts over 23 years of experience in the insurance sales field.

The company has positioned itself with the primary objective of offering the best insurance products and effective solutions to address the diverse risks faced by individuals, corporate entities, and public sector institutions.

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Donewell Insurance has cultivated strong relationships with esteemed institutions in Ghana, providing its services to entities such as the Methodist Church Ghana, West Africa Examinations Council, National Investment Bank, and Tema Oil Refinery.

The company’s clientele includes notable organizations, showcasing its capacity to meet the risk management needs of a wide spectrum of clients.

Noteworthy projects, including ensuring the SSNIT Premier Towers, Standard Chartered Bank’s head office, and the Noguchi Memorial Institute’s laboratory building, underscore the company’s standing as a leading insurance provider, particularly within the construction sector.

Being among the top 10 biggest insurance companies in Ghana, Donewell Insurance Company Limited has earned recognition for its efficiency.

Achieving a response time benchmark of ’48 hours’ for settling claims is a notable accomplishment, particularly in an industry where delayed claim settlements are often a concern.

This commitment to prompt claims processing adds to the company’s reputation as a reliable and customer-focused insurance provider in Ghana.

Insurance Products

Donewell has several insurance products that cater to the needs of all customers. These products are: 

  1. Motor insurance 
  2. Assets all risk
  3. Workmen’s compensation
  4. Fire and allied perils
  5. Money insurance
  6. Group personal accident
  7. Fidelity guarantee
  8. Liability policies
  9. Marine insurance
  10. Contractors all risk
  11. Electronic equipment
  12. Personal accident
  13. Contractors’ machinery
  14. Goods-in-transit 
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Donewell Policies

Here are some of the policies of the company. 

Motor Comprehensive Policy

This insurance policy provides three types of insurance coverage for vehicle drivers and they are:

  1. Loss of or damage to the insured vehicle
  2. Legal liability for death of or bodily injury to the third party
  3. Damage to third party property

Third-party Fire And Theft Cover

Donewell will indemnify the insured with respect to liabilities such as

  1. Death of or bodily injury to the third party
  2. Damage to third-party property
  3. Theft or fire damage to the insured vehicle

Third-party Liability Cover

Donewell will also provide cover for insured liability such as 

  1. Death of or bodily injury
  2. Damage to third-party properties

The motor policy conforms to minimum third-party property damage. However, there is an option available to increase the limit. 

Motor Comprehensive Policy- Part One

The company will pay for the loss of or damage to a customer’s vehicle that is caused by:

  1. Accidental collision or collision due to a mechanical fault
  2. Wear and tear breakdown
  3. Fire, self-ignition, external explosion, and lightning
  4. Burglary, housebreaking, or theft
  5. Malicious acts
  6. Floods, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, strikes, or storms
  7. Earthquakes, strikes, and other natural convulsions
  8. Riot, civil, commotion

Motor Comprehensive Policy- Part Two

Additional benefits include

  1. Compensation for bodily harm or injury
  2. Personal accident benefit
  3. Replacement of tire
  4. Damage of windscreen
  5. Towing and storage
  6. Ecowas brown card
  7. Expenses of emergency medical
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Motor Third-Party Policy Only

Donewell Insurance Company will pay for the following

Liability To Third Parties

Donewell Insurance Company Limited will indemnify you and any other person that you will consent, from legal liability arising from an accident that was caused by your vehicle on:

  1. Death of or bodily injury to any other person
  2. Damage to the property owned by any other person, not from your household

Additional Benefits

  1. Compensation for bodily harm or injury
  2. Personal accident benefit
  3. Replacement of tire
  4. Damage of windscreen
  5. Towing and storage
  6. Ecowas brown card
  7. Expenses of emergency medical


Donewell has a third-party property damage limit of GHS 2.000. However, this can be increased by the payment of an additional premium.

Donewell Insurance Company Contact Details


One of the best places to insure a vehicle is certainly Donewell Insurance Company Limited as seen from the vehicle policies above.

So if you have a vehicle that needs to be insured, you should give them a call now. For more insurance companies in Ghana, you can check out Phoenix Insurance Company.

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