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Borrowing Money From Vodafone Cash Ghana, How To Go About It

We have seen from some of our previous articles that, securing a loan in today’s internet age is no longer difficult as compared to before when one had to be providing several documents before they could even get considered.

Accessing loans has become much easier now. One of the easiest ways to acquire a loan is through Vodafone cash. 

The mobile telecom loan service was first introduced into the country by MTN Ghana when it first unveiled its MTN Qwikloan to the public.

This loan service allowed customers to take small loans from the MTN mobile money service and then payback after a month.

The service was implemented in association with some loan lending companies in the country.

Vodafone Ghana has also launched its loan service to enable its customers to secure loans in times of need on their mobile phones.

We will be taking a look at the service below as well as how to get a loan from Vodafone cash. 

Vodafone Cash Loan, What Is It?

This is a mobile money loan service in Ghana that can be accessed through your mobile phone.

It is a fast and secure service introduced by Vodafone Ghana to make loans available to its subscribers, just like the MTN mobile money is for MTN subscribers. 

Criteria Needed To Apply

Before you can apply for the Vodafone cash loan, there are a few criteria to meet you can do so. They are:

  1. A valid registered Vodafone Ghana SIM card
  2. Fido loan app installed on your phone
  3. With details registered correctly on the Fido loan app
  4. Your Vodafone cash number 
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How To Apply For A Loan From Vodafone Cash

If you are looking to get a loan from the Vodafone cash service, there are some simple steps that you will have to follow to secure the loan.

Loans secured will be paid into your Vodafone cash wallet. Vodafone cash loans do not take long to access at all.

Below is the process to secure a loan from Vodafone Ghana.

  1. Download and install the Fido Loan app
  2. Register your details on the Fido Loan app and then fill in the necessary information for the loan
  3. Enter the Vodafone cash number for receiving the loan on the app
  4. A text will be sent to you to confirm the application
  5. The loan will then be sent to your Vodafone wallet after it had been processed 
  • Direct loan application

Vodafone Ghana also has a direct way through which you can apply for a loan without going through the Fido loan app process.

To access the loan directly from Vodafone Ghana, dial the short code *110# and follow the prompts.


This is an emergency loan that can be secured from Vodafone cash through Blue Financial Services Gh LTD.

This loan is available to Vodafone cash users and they are affordable and easy to access quickly.

The loans can be received either in your Vodafone wallet or your bank account. Repayment of the loan can be done within 30 to 90 days after collection and they can be repaid through post-dated checks or mobile money transfer.

Visit their website at


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Through the above-mentioned ways, one can secure a loan from Vodafone Ghana without much effort and repay the loan over a flexible period.

You can also check out collateral-free loan services in Ghana and more about MTN Qwikloan.

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