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Here Are Some Blogging Tips If You Are Starting A Niche Site In Ghana

So you have decided to start a niche site? Then it would help if you read this article to have a successful site.

Blogging has become one of the easiest things to do, I have recently taken the time to cover everything you need to know about blogging in Ghana and have made it easy for Ghanaians to start a blog in Ghana.

At emmarnitechs, we have covered various ways to make money online. For those that want to venture into blogging, we have covered tips to have a successful blog in Ghana, such as the best niche to choose with a higher search volume and a higher search volume and low competition.

After reading our article, you have finally been able to choose your favorite niche, and you are about to write about them to make money.

This article will cover some blogging tips for you if you are about to start a niche website.

You need these sites to have a successful niche, and we all know a successful niche means having many visitors daily and seeing an increase in your earnings.

So without wasting much time, let us dive in.

Focus On A Profitable Niche That You’re Passionate About

The first thing you need to do is to focus on a profitable niche that you can write about. Many people tend to look for niches with high CPC and RPM and then start writing about them with no expertise.

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When you decide to do this, Google will know. How will they know? Well, you can read this latest update that Google recently rolled out.

Find “Easy To Rank” Topics (Long Tail Keywords)

The next thing to do is to find easy-to-rank keywords that are easy to rank. Although you might be in a low-competition niche, that does not mean you can target any article and write.

In blogging, keyword research is the foundation. It would help if you first mastered keyword research, knowing the keywords you can target.

To rank faster, you need to target long-tail keywords.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are search queries that are more than two words. ‘How to make money online is an example of a long tail keyword, while ‘make money is a short tail keyword.

Most big websites inside your niche target the short tail keyword because it has the highest search volume, but you can also rank with or outrank them by targeting the long tail keywords.

Understand Search Intent

Understanding the search intent means knowing what the search is all about and the kind of solution the article is looking for.

When someone searches for a restaurant near me, it is mostly considered a navigational keyword, meaning the searcher is looking for a play to go.

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When someone searches for the best laptops to buy in Ghana, it is considered a transactional search intent, meaning the searcher is looking for the best laptops to buy.

And when someone searches for how to make free calls on MTN, this is also considered an informational keyword, meaning the searcher is looking for a piece of Information on how to do something.

Research Your Competitors

The next thing is to research your competitors. When I talk of competitors, I mean the websites are already ranking for the keywords you are targeting.

Do some research to know what is ranking for them, how they write their article and then decide on how to make your article more superb than theirs.

Create High-quality Content

Now is the time to create your content for your niche sites. Contents will bring people to your website, so write in-depth articles.

When writing articles, make sure your article stands out. Google loves ranking websites that have unique points than the already ranking articles.


When blogging, you need to know certain tips to have a successful niche site.

In this article, we covered some blogging tips for beginners. To recap, here are some tips that new bloggers need to follow to have a successful niche site blog:

  • Understand Search Intent
  • Research, your competitors
  • Create High-quality Content
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