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Think Your Whatsapp Is Being Spied On? Here Is How To Detect It

There are many reasons why a person would want to hack into your phone and spy on your WhatsApp conversations.

A jealous lover who thinks you are cheating and is tech-savvy would try it. a mischief lover who hopes to acquire some sensitive chats or media sent to you by your friends will also try it.

These are just a few of the possible reasons that will make someone try to hack your phone and spy on your WhatsApp conversations. 

Although WhatsApp likes to tag itself as having end-to-end encryption, that does not mean that someone cannot hack and spy on it.

Because WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app in the world at the moment, several master hackers could focus their attention on creating programs that can allow people to spy on it no matter the amount of encryption it gets. 

You have to understand the fact that your WhatsApp chat can be spied on by people. However, there is no need to panic just yet because there is a way you can protect yourself from such things and chat in peace.

One reason is the fact that before can break into your WhatsApp, they will have to spend a huge amount of resources due to the high level of security that WhatsApp has.

What this means is that, before any hacker can spy on your WhatsApp, he or she must first gain access to your device so that he can plant the spying tool on the device.

Without gaining access to your device, the only way they can spy on your messages is to stand behind you and peep over your shoulders as you chat.

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This is one main reason why we tell people never to share their devices and phones with anyone.

Never give your phone to someone, especially if you are the type that likes to keep some private stuff on it.

Signs Your Phone Has Been Hacked

Here are some ways to detect if someone has been able to gain access to your account. People who allow other people to have access to their phones should make these checks as soon as people.

High Temperatures 

you sense a sudden rise in the temperature of your device, there could be a possibility that there is a spying tool installed on the device.

This is because most of these apps draw a lot of energy and tend to cause the device to heat up.

Battery Drainage

Another way to check for any spy app is to observe how long your battery lasts. This is because these spy apps put a strain on your battery as they work in the background spying on what you are doing.

So once you notice that your battery seems to drain quickly, then you suspect that spyware has been planted on your device by someone. The spyware also makes use of your device location and your data during its operation.

Data Usage

Because spyware apps use your data during their operations, your data tends to deplete faster than the amount of time you use it.

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They also make use of your data to relay the information that they steal from your WhatsApp to the hacker.

Some of this spyware could even download third-party apps with your data certainly without your permission.

Once you notice your data finishes quickly (while you not using MTN), then there could be a spyware

Background Noise

One way to detect spyware is when you hear noises while you are making calls. This is because the spyware hacks your calls well to listen in to what is being said

How Your WhatsApp Can Be Hacked

Here are some of the ways through which your WhatsApp can be hacked. 

Whatsapp Web

This is an extended feature of WhatsApp that allows you to chat on your computer. You connect your computer to the phone by scanning a QR code on the computer. This can allow people to access through an app known as what can

Backup File

Once a hacker gets to access your phone, they can access your backup file by going to the file manager. They can then transfer it to their device and look at it. 


Some apps can be used to spy on your phone. All the person has to do is to get access to her phone and then plant the app on it.

How To Protect Your WhatsApp And Your Device

  1. Always make sure that your phone is locked. Never type the lock code in the full glare of someone who lives with you
  2. Always make sure that you log out of WhatsApp web on your computer
  3. Never connect to any wifi that you do not know. Always connect to the ones whose sources you know
  4. Do not install apps from just anywhere from google. This should be taken seriously. If you do that a lot, please stop
  5. Never let anyone have access to your phone out of your sight. Always look at what they are doing and take your phone as soon as they finish
  6. Use the two-step verification on WhatsApp
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As you can see, your WhatsApp can be hacked if you are careless. The best way to prevent anyone from hacking you is to desist from allowing people to have access to your phone.

Remember the person does not need to be tech-savvy to hack you. All they have to do is to plant the spyware on the phone and hand it back to you. Never let people gain access to your devices. You can also check out how to know if someone has accessed your Facebook account.


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