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Here Is How To Borrow Airtime From The Various Telecom Networks

In situations where you find yourself in an unfamiliar place and your airtime is depleted while seeking directions or, perhaps, when visiting your crush’s parents and there’s no immediate access to purchase airtime, knowing the codes for borrowing airtime becomes crucial.

Assuming you’ve preemptively read this article, the solution to your dilemma is at hand. Allow me to guide you through the codes necessary for borrowing airtime from your service provider.

Fortunately, leading telecom companies now offer the convenience of borrowing airtime, which you can repay with a modest interest when you next top up.

The following sections will outline the borrowing procedures for some of the prominent telecom companies in the country, ensuring you are well-equipped to handle such situations.

Stay tuned to learn the steps for airtime borrowing and safeguard yourself from unexpected communication hitches.

How To Borrow Airtime From MTN

  1. Dial *506#
  2. Select the amount of airtime that you would like to borrow from the list that pops up
  3. If the available amount is too high then you can choose ‘request advance options’ and choose lesser options there

You can also borrow a bundle by choosing the data advance below

After selecting the one you want, you will then be credited with the borrowed airtime and a notification will show you how much you will pay when you top-up, if you request for MTN quick loan and you don’t qualify, click here to check out why you do not qualify.

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Borrowing Airtime From Vodafone


Acquiring airtime from Vodafone is a straightforward process. During a call when your airtime is depleted, you will receive a prompt instructing you to press 1 for SOS airtime.

To efficiently manage and select the desired amount of airtime, it is recommended to terminate the call and dial *505#.

This allows you to navigate the options and specify the precise amount of airtime you require.

It’s important to note that eligibility levels may influence the ability to manually select the airtime amount.

In instances where such eligibility is lacking, the system will automatically credit your account with an appropriate amount.

Borrowing Airtime From AirtelTigo


Securing airtime from AirtelTigo is a convenient process. Simply dial *558# and await the credited amount.

The amount credited is contingent on your eligibility level, with a higher level resulting in a GHS 5.00 airtime allocation.

AirtelTigo allows for consecutive borrowing up to three times before reaching the borrowing limit.

It’s noteworthy that each successive borrow will yield a diminishing amount compared to the previous one.

Following this, borrowing is only permitted after settling the outstanding balance.

Borrowing Airtime On Glo

  1. Just dial *5321#
  2. Select the amount that you wish to borrow. You cannot borrow if your SIM is too new, below 3 months old
  3. Press on 1 to confirm the transaction


Acquiring airtime from these telecom companies is a straightforward process. However, a crucial aspect to emphasize, particularly for MTN users, is the importance of timely repayment.

While the borrowing process is user-friendly, adhering to the repayment timelines is essential, especially when utilizing MTN services.

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Timely repayment ensures a smooth and continuous borrowing experience while maintaining a positive relationship with the telecom provider.

Responsible borrowing practices contribute to a seamless and reliable communication experience.

You can also check out MTN call packages, Vodafone shortcodes and Vodafone made4me bundles.

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