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In Need Of Urgent Airtime? Here Is How To Borrow Airtime From The Various Telecom Networks

There could be a time when you visit a place that you do not know and suddenly, your airtime runs out while you are asking for directions from someone.

It could be your crush directing you to come and see her parents. You look around and realize that there is nowhere for you to get airtime to buy.

In this case, if you do not know the code used for borrowing airtime from your service, then you are certainly going to get stranded at that particular.

But let us assume that before you made that call, you were online reading this article, just in case you encountered the problem mentioned above.

So now all you have to do is to continue reading to get the codes needed for borrowing airtime from your service provider. 

It is now possible to borrow airtime from your service provider and pay it back with a little interest later when you top up.

In this article, we will be showing you how you can borrow from some of the leading telecom companies in the country.

How To Borrow Airtime From MTN

  1. Dial *506#
  2. Select the amount of airtime that you would like to borrow from the list that pops up
  3. If the available amount is too high then you can choose ‘request advance options’ and choose lesser options there

You can also borrow a bundle by choosing the data advance below

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After selecting the one you want, you will then be credited with the borrowed airtime and a notification will show you how much you will pay when you top-up, if you request for MTN quick loan and you don’t qualify, click here to check out why you do not qualify.

Borrowing Airtime From Vodafone


It is very easy to borrow from Vodafone. As you are on the call and the airtime finishes, you will be prompted to press 1 for SOS airtime.

However, you should cut the call and dial *505# so that you can choose the amount of airtime that you want.

However, not all SIM cards will allow choosing the amount you want if you do not have the eligibility level to do so. Instead, you will be credited with a suitable amount.

Borrowing Airtime From AirtelTigo


It is also very easy to borrow airtime from AirtelTigo. All you have to do is to dial *558# and then wait for the amount that will be credited to you.

If your eligibility level is high, you will be given GHS 5.00 worth of airtime. On AirtelTigo, you can borrow continuously for about three times in a row before you exhaust your borrowing allocation.

Each subsequent borrow will be a lesser amount than the previous one after which you can only borrow after you have paid.

Borrowing Airtime On Glo

  1. Just dial *5321#
  2. Select the amount that you wish to borrow. You cannot borrow if your SIM is too new, below 3 months old
  3. Press on 1 to confirm the transaction
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As you can see, it is very easy to borrow airtime from these telecom companies. However, you should make sure to pay back on time especially if you are using MTN.

You can also check out MTN call packages and Vodafone shortcodes and Vodafone made4me bundles.

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