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Amazing AirtelTigo Data Bundles To choose From

Almost everyone that uses a mobile smartphone today certainly uses the internet for one or two things.

Most people use it to work while others use it search for a wide range of different things.

Whatever it is that you use the internet for, we are sure that you do so using a data bundle from your internet service provider.

One cannot use normal airtime to surf the net. Mobile users who use the AirtelTigo network have a wide array of data options at their disposal that enables them to choose the one that suits their needs better and most of the seasoned users of the mobile telecommunication network already know about them.

However, for the new users out there who just joined the AirtelTigo network family as well as the old users who may not know about these amazing data offers, we are here to help you with that.

In this brief article, we will guide you through the most rewarding data options that are on offer on the AirtelTigo telecommunication network.

AirtelTigo Day Data Offers

It is a no-brainer that the majority of people use their data bundles during the day. This is the time that most people work and chat or surf the internet a lot.

This is also the time that people use their mobiles a lot, unlike the night. For AirtelTigo users, the network offers amazing data offers at such reasonable prices that seem to make that of other networks a bit expensive.

The Big Time data bundles offer great value for money. For as low as 50 pesewas, one can purchase an internet data bundle of 25MB for the day.

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1cedi gets you 65MB and 2cedi gets you 155MB.

Unfortunately, 3cedi and 4cedi data bundles are not available. However, that has been made up for with the 625MB that you get when you purchase a data bundle for 5cedi.

Opting for a 10cedi data package gets you 1.6GB  and 4.3GB for 20cedis. The amazing thing about these data bundles is that they come in double as day and night bundles.

This means that when you purchase a data bundle for maybe 10cedi. You are credited with 1.6GB for day use whiles you get another 1.6GB for night use which stays valid for 7 days. The data bundle for the day however does not expire.

For those of you that may have some long work to take care of online which the day data given by the Big Time data bundle cannot cover, the Airtel Sika Kooko data bundle has got you covered.

This data bundle lasts in the range of two days to five days and starts with 3cedis which gives you 1GB for two days.

5cedi gets you 1.1GB which lasts much longer for five days. There are other options that last for two days but give you a much more data bundle in order to get that online work done before bedtime.

For night owls who download movies at the night or do their surfing at night, the AirtelTigo night bundle offers enough data to be able to download three movies at a go.

The night data bundles come in two options. The first one gives you 4.5GB of data at a cost of 3 cedis with 100 minutes of calls throughout the night.

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The next option gives you an even bigger data bundle of 7.5GB at a cost of 5 cedis with an unlimited call minute throughout the night which can allow you to talk with that loved one all night long.

The AirtelTigo night bundles are valid from 12 midnight to 4 am once they are activated and we are sure that this is enough ample time to download those amazing action movies that you love to watch and make those romantic calls.

There are also data options such as XXL & Family packs and Tribe & Flex.

The Fuse data bundles give you the same amount of call minutes as the data bundle that you get and start from as low as 2cedi.

There are also several international data bundles that allow you to connect with people and loved ones abroad in nations such as USA and Canada on the internet cheaply on the AirtelTigo network.

All the available data bundles can be accessed easily by dialing *111# and choosing the relevant data option that you need and following the subsequent prompts to activate it.

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