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Here Are The Things You Did Not Know The Google Photos App Can Do

The majority of people like to take pictures all the time. That is one main reason why smartphone manufacturers added a camera to smartphones and kicked roaming photographers out of business.

Pictures serve as a way for people to remember some memorable things that happened in their lives.

In some smartphones, the default photos app sometimes may not have enough features that would want.

There are several functions like slideshow movies, undelete photos and labeling pictures with names among others that your smartphone’s default app may not have.

This is why the google photos app exists. The app comes with the above-mentioned functions and many more that you can use to manage your photos.

Some smartphones come with the google photos app as the default photos manager.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the amazing features that you can use the google photos app to do after installing it on your phone. Let us now take a look at these features.

Using Dates To Locate Photos

This is a feature that allows you to locate photos on the phone by using the date that the photo was taken.

All you have to do is to type in the month in which you took those photos. There will be all photos taken within that month displayed for you so that you can choose the one that you are looking for.

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When you open the photos app on a web browser, search for the timeline of dates on the side and then type in the specific date you are looking for.

Search For A Particular Photos With What Was Seen In Those Photos

Maybe you are searching for pictures that were taken when you were wearing white shirts or standing behind cars, you can just search for ‘cars’ or ‘red shirt, and google photos will pull up all the related images in your gallery.

Undelete Photos

It can happen that you accidentally delete some photos that are dear to you and when that happens, there is no way you will be able to get them back with your default photos app unless you have a backup of that photo somewhere.

However, that will not be the case with the google photos app. When you delete photos on the app, they will stay in the trash for a month or 60 days during which time you will be able to retrieve them. To get the photos back, 

  1. just open the main google photos app menu
  2. choose ‘trash’
  3. select the photos you want to restore

Building Photo Book

This is another amazing feature of the google photo app. This is used for making a beautiful photo book.

You can create a soft copy of the photos after selecting and arranging all the ones that you want to use for the photo book.

Afterward, you then order it online so that you can physically photobook it. 

Creating Slideshow

There are times that you would want to just sit down and view your photos on your phone without having to swipe them yourself.

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This can be done with the slideshow feature. The feature allows you to create a slideshow movie of all the photos that you want to use.

To create the slideshow movie, just look beyond the ‘assistant’ feature, you will see the ‘movie’ feature.

Tap on it and then create an amazing movie slideshow that meets your satisfaction.  

Label Pictures With Names

The Google photos app also gives you the ability to label the photos of people with their names (in case you are someone who cannot keep names in the head).

It is a cool feature that can make the pictures look much more cooler. You can even create a folder for each person if you have a lot of their pictures so that you do to have to be scrolling through tons of pictures to find the photo you are looking for.

Click on the search bar and then look out for faces that appear in smaller circles. Click on the particular face you want and then add the name by typing it. This can be done to every photo on the phone.


All these are great features that can give you the best out of your smartphone’s camera. The amazing thing is that, despite all these amazing features, the google photos app is free and can be downloaded for both android and IOS. So if just visit your play store today and download it. 


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