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Multi TV In Ghana: Price, Installation, Setting The Dish, And More

This article is going to cover everything you need to know about multi-TV prices in Ghana, the installation process, and steps to get more channels.

We recently did an article on StarTimes in Ghana so it is only right that we will do one for its competitor.

Today, we will be showing you some of the important things that you need to know about multi-TV to keep you well-informed before you make that purchase.

Multi tv is a direct-to-home satellite tv station operating in Ghana that comes with all the entertainment that the average person will need to get through the day.

It comes with several award-winning channels and there are no monthly charges that people have to pay in order to enjoy it although that means that sports fans will find it lacking if they want to be watching live matches.

To enjoy the multi tv television, all you will do is purchase a Digibox and get it installed in your home so that you can start watching it.

Before installing the multi-tv, there is a specific direction that you will have to point to the satellite and that is the east because that is where the signal comes from.

After this, you then install the multi tv and begin watching.

How Much Is Multi TV HD+ Decoder In Ghana?

The price of a multi-TV HD+ Decoder in Ghana ranges from GHS 239 to GHS 300. The price is determined by where you are buying from and whether you want them to also help you with the setting up or not.

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The first step is to install the dish at a position making sure that it is facing east. The user manual will be of great help to you.

It will show you how you can assemble the dish. While mounting the dish, you should make sure that you do not bend or turn it.

Align the bracket vertically so that you will be able to find the satellite easily. There should be no objects blocking its path while it is facing the east.

After everything has been done well, you can then screw the bolts in tightly so that the dish will not be moved by winds. 

Setting The Dish

Now create a hole through which you will pass the cable through a wall or window and then pass the cable through the hole to the dish.

Cut off a piece of the tip and insert the F connector to the end that goes to the receiver. Now connect the cable to the LNB input of the receiver and press the power button to get started.

Decoder Installation

After you are done connecting the dish, you will have to set up the decoder. Here is how to go about it. 

  1. Press the menu button
  2. Choose ‘installation’ by pressing ok on it
  3. Choose ‘manual search’
  4. You will edit the frequency by pressing the green button
  5. Select ‘modify’ and then press ok
  6. Enter ‘12522 and then press ok
  7. Choose ‘polarization’
  8. Now press on the right button to change to vertical and then press ‘ok’
  9. Select the symbol rate ‘27000’
  10. And then press the blue button to save
  11. Exit and start scanning by pressing ok
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Strong Decoder Box Installation

If you are using a strong decoder box, then the process of setting it up will be a bit different from the above. 

  1. Press on the menu button
  2. Press the right button
  3. Input your password as 0000
  4. Choose ‘manual scan’ and then press ‘ok’ 
  5. Press the red button and choose transponder Astra 3a/3a
  6. Press on the green button to add the TB list
  7. Now input frequency 12522
  8. At the symbol rate, enter 27000
  9. Set the polarization to either v or h. the bars will change color to green
  10. Press on ‘ok’ for the scanning to start 

Now you can exit after the scanning has started

How Many Channels Does Multi TV Have?

Currently, multi TV has 12,528 channels and still counting. This is due to how they have made it easy for institutions and individuals to launch their own television.

Who Brought Multi TV To Ghana?

Multi TV was launched by Mr. Kwasi Twum, who happens to be a Ghanaian entrepreneur. He started the business with 12 employees.

What Does LNB Stand For?

LNB stands for Low-Noise-Block Downconverter, this receives the signal that has been collected by the satellite antenna and then downconverts those signals back to the dish for you to enjoy the channels.


As you can see, setting up these two decoders is fairly an easy thing that can be done quite easily.

When you follow the steps above, you will be able to set up your multi-tv decoder and the dish as well as enjoy all the entertainment.

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Multi tv does not have any monthly charges that viewers will have to be paying so you can watch without worrying when the month is about to end.

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