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Startimes Packages And Channels Together With Their Prices

Many people have heard of Startimes before, and over 50% of the nation’s population has Startimes in their homes. 

Startimes is a digital terrestrial television and satellite provider. 

It has a strong presence among African television owners who patronize other satellite providers operating in the country. 

Startimes can be found in Kenya, Guinea, Nigeria, and Ghana. 

One can enjoy access to numerous channels after subscribing to a package

These channels vary and contain several entertainment and sports flavours.

Since this is one of the leading satellite TVs in Africa, we decided to bring you its packages and cost in case you have wondered about something like that. 

First, let us look at how much a StarTimes decoder costs.

Cost Of Startimes Decoder 

Before you can enjoy anything from StarTimes, you need to purchase a StarTimes decoder along with a dish, cable, and an LNB since that is what you will access the channel through. 

Here are the costs of these items below.

The decoder will cost GHS 90, while the dish, cable, and LNB will cost GHS 75. 

Startimes gives all new customers a 1-month free subscription after they purchase and set up a decoder.


Now, let us look at the packages that StarTimes has to offer. There are five packages that users can choose from when they join StarTimes. 

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Each of these packages comes with its price tag because each has a different channel layout than the other. 

Here are the various packages, along with their price tags and channels. 

Startimes Nova

This is the cheapest package offered by StarTimes, and subscribers get access to 27 channels that cover entertainment, news, and music. 

Below are some f the channels on this package. 

  • St Music
  • Silver bird TV
  • E-stars
  • Orison
  • Iqraa
  • Da Vinci
  • Smile of a child
  • St Swahili
  • Farin Wata
  • NTA News 24 
  • St Dadin Kowal
  • Tvc News
  • St gospel
  • Deen channel
  • CNC world
  • Cctv 4
  • Max tv
  • Utv
  • Wap tv

It has a price tag of GHS 20 per month.

Startimes Smart

If you want access to some premium channels even though you are on a budget, this is the package you are looking for. 

With this package, you can access popular sports channels like Fox Sports and several movie channels. 

Below are some of the channels you will be getting in this package.

  • St novella
  • Fine Living
  • Jimjam
  • BBC world news
  • Fox sports
  • Fox sports2
  •  St Africa
  • St rise
  • Nigezie
  • Al Jazeera
  • France 24 e
  • Fashion one
  • Animaux
  • St Naija
  • Trace mziki
  • Zee cinema
  • St adept
  • DW Tv
  • Tv3
  • Fox life

This package comes with a price tag of GHS 45 per month.

Startimes Super

This package comes with all the premium channels, and it is the best if you are looking for an endless stream of entertainment and sports. 

You will also be able to watch the german Bundesliga and some movies. Check out the channels below.

  1. Bloomberg
  2. Fox News
  3. Fox sports
  4. MSNBC
  5. MTV base
  6. Star gold
  7. St movies plus
  8. Baby tv
  9. Sports life
  10. St sports arena
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  12. St world football HD
  13. Viasat H+
  14. Ebony life
  15. St Nollywood
  16. St novella plus
  17. St sports premium
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The Startimes has a price tag of GHS 75

Startimes French

Subscribing to this package will get you access to the StarTimes French channels. 

This package has a lot in store that will undoubtedly appeal to you. Could you take a look at their various channels?

  • St Nollywood 
  • Igra
  • Baby tv
  • France 2
  • France 3
  • CGTN
  • France 5
  • SFR sport 4
  • France 24
  • KTO
  • Aforevo tv
  • Discovery sci f
  • Africa news
  • MCM top

The Startimes french package has a price tag of GHS 80 per month for this package.

Startimes Chinese

This comes with several Chinese channels and can be purchased in addition to your current subscription if you like to watch some kung fu once in a while to spice up your ‘tv diet‘.

  • Tianjin satellite tv
  • Fujian satellite tv
  • Beijing satellite tv
  • CCTV 4
  • CTI Asia
  • Phoenix CNE
  • St kungfu

This package is the most expensive, with a price tag of GHS 100


With these packages, you can access a variety of entertainment and sports at an affordable price each month. 

You can also contact StarTimes on these numbers below.

  • 0242437888
  • Social media
  • Facebook: @starTimes Ghana
  • Twitter @ startimesghana
  • Youtube StarTimes official
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