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All You Need To Know About Hollard Ghana Insurance Company

Hollard Ghana stands out as one of the most dynamic and high-performing insurance companies in the Ghanaian market.

Combining local expertise with the global experience of its South African headquarters, Hollard Ghana has established a strong presence in the insurance industry.

The company is dedicated to providing top-notch insurance solutions, carefully tailored to address the unique risks faced by its diverse clientele.

As we delve into this article, we will explore the exceptional features and offerings that make Hollard Ghana a standout insurance provider in the country.


Hollard Ghana has undergone significant transformations since its inception. Originally established as Madison Insurance in 1993, the company initially operated under that name.

In 1997, a shift occurred, leading to a rebranding as Metropolitan Insurance Company Limited.

During this period, the company primarily focused on providing life insurance products to its clientele.

The pivotal turning point came in 2006 when Metropolitan Insurance decided to broaden its scope beyond life insurance, diversifying into other areas of insurance.

The year 2015 marked a crucial milestone when the Hollard Group acquired a majority share of the company.

This change in ownership prompted another rebranding, resulting in the company adopting the name Hollard Ghana, aligning it with its majority shareholder’s identity.

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With its roots firmly established in Ghana, Hollard Ghana has expanded its reach to multiple cities, including Kumasi, Tema, Takoradi, and Tamale.

This strategic geographical presence enables the company to effectively serve clients across the nation.

Customer service

Hollard Ghana has strategically positioned itself to provide comprehensive customer service through a network of service centers across the country.

These centers are staffed by dedicated relationship managers and supported by approximately 40 full-time sales executives, collectively working to meet the needs of clients throughout Ghana.

The emphasis on a widespread network ensures that customers have accessible points for assistance and engagement with the company.

Furthermore, Hollard Ghana actively participates in industry associations, signifying its commitment to the broader insurance community.

As a member of the Ghana Insurers Association (GIA), the company engages with the local insurance industry, contributing to its growth and development.

Additionally, Hollard Ghana is part of the West African Insurance Companies Association (WAICA), fostering collaboration with insurance entities in the West African region.

Its membership in the African Insurance Organization (AIO) further highlights the company’s involvement in the broader African insurance landscape.

These affiliations underscore Hollard Ghana’s commitment to industry standards, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Insurance Products

Hollard Ghana now offers a wide range of insurance to its customers all over the country. These insurance products are grouped into several categories that cater to various areas. Below are some of the insurance products offered by Hollard Ghana.

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Personal Insurance

  1. Personal accident
  2. Travel Insurance
  3. Motor insurance
  4. Home Insurance
  5. Executive Insurance 
  6. Home Insurance
  7. Burglary insurance
  8. Fire insurance
  9. Combined fire and burglary insurance

Business Insurance

  1. Group personal accident insurance
  2. Workers compensation insurance
  3. Business interruption insurance
  4. Fidelity guarantee insurance
  5. Money insurance
  6. Burglary insurance
  7. Fire insurance
  8. Combined fire and burglary insurance
  9. Office compensation insurance
  10. Bonds
  11. Product liability insurance
  12. Public liability insurance
  13. Directors and officers indemnity insurance
  14. Professional indemnity insurance
  15. Stevedore and shore handling insurance
  16. Assets all-risk insurance
  17. Engineering insurance
  18. Goods in transit insurance
  19. Business travel insurance
  20. Hole in one insurance
  21. Motor fleets insurance

These are some of the products that are offered by Hollard Ghana Insurance Company. 

Hollard Insurance Affiliations

Hollard Ghana is also affiliated with some companies in Ghana such as Absa Bank.

Absa Bank has been banking in Ghana for over 95 years. Hollard Ghana is able to offer a unique set of products to the Absa Bank customers such as Absa Hospital benefit

  1. Absa Up sell hospital cash benefit
  2. Absa-embedded travel insurance
  3. Absa third-party motor insurance
  4. Absa third-party fire and theft motor insurance
  5. Absa comprehensive motor insurance

Hollard Insurance Contact Details

If you feel like getting in touch with Hollard Ghana to have all your insurance needs taken care of, you would be in need of their contacts. Below is the contact of Hollard Ghana.

  • Physical address: 11 Patrice Lumumba Road, Airport Residential Area
  • Postal address: P. O. Box GP 20084, Accra, Ghana
  • GPS coordination: 5.603026, -0.189267
  • Contact: +233 302 220966
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For those seeking top-tier insurance coverage and a sense of security, Hollard Ghana stands out as a premier destination for the best insurance products available in the country.

In an environment where uncertainties abound, safeguarding yourself with the comprehensive insurance policies offered by Hollard Ghana becomes a prudent choice.

The company’s commitment to delivering tailored and reliable insurance solutions ensures that clients receive the protection they need.

Trust in Hollard Ghana for peace of mind and a robust insurance experience in navigating life’s uncertainties.

You can also check out Hollard Insurance competitors such as donewell insurance company and phoenix insurance company.

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