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Here Is What’s New In WhatsApp Latest Beta Update

WhatsApp has recently submitted a new app update to the google play store but first to the Google Play Beta Program.
Making it available to the beta testers in the meantime. The version of this new update is

In this short article, we are going to cover what’s new in this new update and why you need to update now.

The latest App update is all focused on backup, it is not necessarily based on how you back up but rather how encrypted those backups are.

At first, users were losing their chat histories anytime they change their phones or lose their phones.

Whatsapp thought of that and launched a new backup feature that allows users to backup their chats to their Google Drive.

This new feature was really helpful until users started complaining about the backups not being end to end encrypted.

In this new update, users can now back up their chats end to end encrypted. Here is how the end to end backups will work.

Users who want their backups to be end to end encrypted will have the option to choose a personal password or a 64 encryption key.

One thing users should note about an end to end encrypted backups is that, when you lose or forget your password or your 64 encryption key, WhatsApp can not help you retrieve it back therefore it is advisable to always use a password you can remember.

If you are also going to use the 64-bit encryption keys, you should always make sure you hide it in a place that you will be able to always get access to Incase you are restoring your backups.

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After setting up your code, WhatsApp will always ask you to type in your password anytime you are about to make a backup to your Google Drive.

The same is to when you want to restore your chat from Google Drive.

So guys this is the latest update in WhatsApp beta, currently, only the beta testers can update their up and start using this new feature.

It is going to be rolled out to everyone very soon. If you still want to try out this latest beta update, you can download the beta version from another website like apkmirror.

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