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How to Know If Your Message Has Been Read on WhatsApp

Hello and welcome to my blog. Have you ever been chatting with someone that you don’t see it ticking blue anytime you send a message to someone?

You can send a message and believe the WhatsApp message read, but no blue tick makes you feel ignored.

Then I’ve got you covered. In this article, I will show you how to know that your friend has read your message even if he or she has turned off read receipts.

I know what I am going to teach many people will be vexed, but I apologize, I mean no harm, and to those whom this post will help too, I beg to show some love by sharing this post and subscribing to my blog. so let us get started

Sending a message to someone and you could see that the message has been sent, you can see it ticked twice, but it doesn’t tick blue, you will start to wonder if the person has been away from his or her phone or he or she has been ignoring you, (this comes to your mind especially when there is a misunderstanding between both of you).

The actual trick is they have Read Receipts turned off from their WhatsApp account privacy settings.

The trick to know is easy. All you have to do is to send a non-lengthy voice recording to them.

If they are with their phone, they might decide to play the voice and listen to what you recorded at their end. As soon as they download and listen, you will see the messages ticked blue indicating that they have read your previous messages.

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