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How to Know If Your Message Has Been Read on WhatsApp

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re chatting with a friend on WhatsApp, and you’re left in suspense, eagerly awaiting those elusive blue ticks to appear, indicating that your message has been read?

It can be quite frustrating when you believe that your message has been read, yet those blue ticks remain gray, leaving you to wonder if your friend is ignoring you.

Fear not, for in this article, we’re about to unravel the mystery and reveal how you can determine whether your friend has indeed read your message, even if they’ve cleverly disabled the read receipts feature. So, let’s dive right in and put an end to this WhatsApp enigma.

Understanding What Is Happening

We’ve all been there, you send a message, you see it has been sent (those double gray ticks are there), but it never turns that satisfying shade of blue.

This scenario can lead to a whirlwind of thoughts, especially if there’s a misunderstanding between you and your friend.

However, the likely culprit behind this WhatsApp puzzle is your friend’s choice to disable Read Receipts in their WhatsApp privacy settings.

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The Clever Trick

But fear not, for there’s a simple and effective trick to discern if your message has been read. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Send a Non-Lengthy Voice Recording: Instead of sending yet another text message, opt for a short voice recording. This subtle switch in your approach can work wonders.
  2. Wait for Them to Play the Voice Note: If your friend is with their phone and decides to listen to the voice recording, your masterstroke is in motion.
  3. The Magic Blue Ticks: Once your friend has downloaded and listened to your voice recording, keep an eye on your previous messages. Voilà! Those gray ticks magically turn blue, revealing that your earlier messages have indeed been read.

Why This Trick Works

This trick works due to the mechanics of WhatsApp’s read receipts. Even if someone has disabled read receipts for text messages, the read receipt for voice messages operates independently.

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When they play your voice recording, it triggers the blue ticks for your text messages.

So, the next time you find yourself in the suspenseful realm of gray ticks, remember this clever tactic. It’s a subtle way to ensure that your messages are not lost in the void and that your friend is indeed up to speed with the conversation.


In the world of WhatsApp, the elusive blue ticks don’t have to remain a mystery. With this simple trick, you can unlock the secrets of message-read confirmation, even when read receipts are turned off.

Whether you’re resolving a misunderstanding or simply curious about your friend’s response, the power is now in your hands. Happy chatting!

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