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Everything You Need To Know About The American Visa Lottery In Ghana

This article is going to take you through everything you need to know about American lottery in Ghana.

The Diversity Visa Lottery is a scheme or program administered by the American department of the state that aims to diversify and increase the number of immigrants allowed to come to the United States.

The program allows around 50,000 randomly selected people entry into the United States every year. These people are mostly chosen from nations where the United States does not receive many immigrants.

These people are then allowed permanent residency in the United States, or what most people refer to as the acquisition of ‘Green Card.’

The Diversity Lottery is how people would have had no legal way of coming to the United States to attain a green card legally.

The program was established by the Immigration Act of 1990 to maintain diversity and increase the number of immigrants who made their way to the United States each year.

Before then, most immigrants in the United States always seemed to come from a handful of nations.

Due to this, the Diversity visa was put in place to increase immigrants from other countries with a low number of immigrants coming to the United States.

This program is administered and run by the United States Department. The department operates the Lottery and then notifies the people who win the Lottery after the selection has been made.

Almost all the people who win the Lottery mostly go through the same State Department to acquire their green card because most of them will be residing outside the United States when they win the visa Lottery. 

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There is a possibility that this program could be paused as some proposals to congress have been taken into consideration. However, none of these proposals have been agreed upon yet.   

One can apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery by filling a form simple form on the internet, and you do not have to pay anything to fill out this form.

One can apply for the Lottery any year from October through to November. The winners of the Lottery are chosen at random by a computer.

Once a person wins, they receive a green card together with their immediate family.

Before one can qualify for the Diversity Visa program or Lottery, they must have been in a nation that has sent fewer than 50,000 immigrants to the United States within five years.

The eligibility of such countries is always being reviewed. However, nations like Canada, Mexico, China, India, and the UK seldom qualify for the program because the number of immigrants they send to the United States is quite large.

However, you could still apply for the Lottery if your native country does not qualify for it. Here are two ways through which you could still apply for the Lottery.

If you are married to someone who hails an eligible country, you apply for the program with your spouse and use their land as your own on the application form.

You can choose a country of any of your parents if none of them are legal residents of your country of birth.

Anyone who will want to apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery must have at least a high school certificate.

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If one does not have a high school certificate, he or she must meet at least a minimum of 2 years of work experience within the last five years, and this must be in a work area that requires at least two years of training.

People who are married to a citizen in the United States could still apply for a green card. However, they would better off and have a much better chance of going to the United States by using a marriage-based green.   

Requirements Needed When Applying For The Diversity Visa Lottery

Some specific requirements must have before they can apply to fill the form for the green card lottery, and these are:

  • Name- you must provide your name on the form to precisely fill how the name appears on your passport.
  • Gender- you will also be required to fill in your gender.
  • Birthdate- your date of birth will also have to be filled in.
  • City- you will also need to provide the name of the town you were born in a while filling in the form.
  • Country- after that, you will now be required to provide the name of the country in which you were born.
  • Country of eligibility- you will need to fill this in as well. 
  • Photograph- recent pictures of you and your immediate family.
  • Mail address- you will also need your mailing address.
  • Phone number- you can provide your phone number as well, but that is not compulsory to do so.
  • Email- you will provide your email address as well.
  • Education- your highest level of education will also have to be provided.
  • Marital status- you will be required to provide your marital status and past marital status if you are not married. 
  • The number of your children and their information. These are for only your children under the age of 21.   
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How To Apply For American Immigrant Lottery In Ghana

  1. Visit and fill in the forms mentioned above, such as full name, gender, date of birth, and many more.
  2. Upon completion, you will be given your unique confirmation number. Keep it in a secure place because that is what you are going to check if you were selected or not.

How To Know If You Have Been Selected Among The Winners??

Visit the website and click on Check Status.

Now type in your confirmation number, your first and last name, years of birth, solve the captcha and then click on Submit.

After loading, you will get to know if you were among the 50000 who qualified for the DV lottery, or you will have to try next time.


The American visa lottery gives people permanent visas to visitors to come and stay or learn in America. It is available for countries that don’t send many people to the united states, and fortunately, Ghana is among the countries that qualify for the DV visa lottery.

In this article, we went through everything you need to know about the American visa lottery, how to apply, how to know you have been qualified, and many more.

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