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How To Turn Off The Google Assistant With Your Voice Or Manually

If you have watched the Iron Man or Avengers movies before, you will see that Tony Start, who is the man behind the Iron Man suit, runs his superhero creation with some highly intelligent A. I can communicate with him and do what he wants.

Tony has been able to create his artificial intelligence to do anything including running his Iron Man suits.

He does not have to lift his hands to do anything. All he has to do is to say what he wants to be done and the A. I get it done. “Friday, call in the iron legion” and the iron legion leaves his tower and comes to his location to protect him.

We have something like that in real life although it is not as advanced as the one you will find in the movie. (With the rate at which technology is advancing, we will be super intelligent A. It likes very soon.

Google Assistant, much like Siri in iPhones, is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant created by Google for its products across the internet.

The google assistant offers users voice commands, voice-activated device control, and voice search. You can activate it by saying, “Ok, Google” followed by whatever you wanted to say.

It makes the usage of android smartphones and devices quite easier. 

Sometimes that the google assistant gets activated without any commands. This can be annoying sometimes since you may not need it but it will activate itself. You can turn it off if you do not want to be using it. 

How To Turn Off Google Assistant

  1. On an android device, say “Hey Google, open assistant settings” Under ‘all settings’ tap on ‘general’
  2. Turn the google assistant off
  3. If you cannot talk, you can use this alternative method to turn it off
  4. Open the Google app and then tap on ‘more’. This appears as three dots inside the toolbar
  5. Now tap on ‘settings and then go to the assistant section
  6. Under the ‘assistant device’ choose ‘phone’
  7. Now, switch it off by tapping on the toggle.
  8. There will be a message telling you that some features cannot work if you turn it off. Just tap on ‘turn off’ to proceed. 
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How To Make Google Assistant Recognize Your Voice

You can make the google assistant recognize your voice through the following steps.

Say “Hey Google, open assistant settings”

Go to ‘popular settings’ and then tap on ‘voice match’

Keep the ‘Hey google’ and tap on ‘voice model’ > ‘retrain voice mode’   


The google assistant is tool That can make using your smartphone real easy. However, if you like to do things manually, you can just follow the steps listed here to turn it off. You can also check out how to change your google account’s profile picture.


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