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How You Can Get More Channels To Watch On Your Multi TV

So you have finished setting up your multi-TV dish and decoder and everything is working well. However, you feel like you need more channels in order to enjoy your entertainment to the max. well, there is a way you can do that.

When you set up your multi tv, the signals will come to your decoder from a satellite that is known as Astra 2B.

It is located at the coordinates 28.2E. However, you should know that multi TV is not the broadcaster that is making use of that satellite.

What this means is that you can now add other parameters to your satellite receiver so that it can detect other signals and add more channels to your multi tv for your viewing pleasure. Let us see how you can get started on that.

Getting More Channels For Your Multi TV

To get everything started, enter the following to get you more channels. 

Multi RV- 12525- 30000 as the symbol rate

The above option means that you will be getting 23 TV and 3 radio stations. Also, you can rescan your multi-tv digital box to allow you to get the additional channels that you are looking for without new frequencies. Follow the steps below to do that.

  1. Press the menu button on the remote of the multi tv
  2. Choose ‘installation’
  3. Choose ‘install satellite’
  4. Press ‘ok’
  5. Now press the green button found on the remote
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The Digibox will then start rescanning automatically. After it finished the scan, you will get more channels as well as radio stations on your multi tv. You will see that UTV has been added to your channels.

How To Activate multi HD TV

If you want to access a multi-HD tv account, you can do so by just following the steps that have been laid out below. 

  1. Dial *879#
  2. Choose 1 to get your free trial started
  3. Choose option 5 to get the account number of the HD+
  4. Type in the first 6 digits of the HD+ number that you get
  5. Press 1 to get confirm the number
  6. Choose 1 to get the HD+ account activated
  7. After this, a confirmation number will be sent to you

After it has been successful, the multi-HD TV account will become activated and you will be allowed to enjoy programming.

Multi tv allows the installation of tv satellites through the same principle. However, all you have to do to get everything right is to enter the satellite tracking parameters to get it to track and pick up the signals.

The frequency for multi is 12525. When you are installing a multi tv satellite dish, make sure that it is facing the east so that it will be able to get more signals.

You will also be able to get more channels by scanning the Digibox and by when you enter the correct frequency number. If the multi tv has been installed well, you will be able to get more than 15 channels and 10 radio stations. 

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Here Are Some Popular Multi TV Channels

  • Joy prime
  • Adom tv
  • Joy news
  • Rock tv
  • Sweet tv
  • OB tv
  • Pent tv
  • TVT
  • Ghana tv
  • Aseda tv
  • Cross tv
  • Tv3 Ghana
  • ZTV Ghana
  • Precious tv
  • Fire tv2

Here Are Some Popular Radio Stations On Multi Tv

  • Joy 99.7
  • Asempa 94.7
  • Citi FM
  • Atlantis radio
  • Radio kara
  • Radio Lome
  • Kessben FM
  • Peace 104.3
  • Hitz 103.9
  • Nhyira 104.5
  • Angel 96. FM


If you are looking to add more channels to your multi-tv because the ones you already have are boring, then I am sure that you now know exactly how to get that done after reading this article.

Always make sure that the satellite dish is facing the east since that is where all the signals come from.

You can also check out other related articles such as multi-tv price in Ghana and how to reset the DStv remote.

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