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Look Out For These Things Before You Buy A Used iPhone In Ghana

The iPhone, which is made by Apple, is one of the most popular smartphones in the world alongside Samsung.

In Ghana, most people have the idea that holding an iPhone means that you have money because the iPhone is an expensive gadget.

Due to this, the majority of people want to get an iPhone whenever they have enough money to afford one.

But since new iPhones cost more than an arm and a leg, most people settle for used ones that are a bit affordable.

However, before you buy that used iPhone, there are some things that you have to look out for first before paying for it. We have listed those things for you in this article.


Since a new phone cannot have 100% battery health, it is important to check out the battery before you purchase the phone.

The previous owner of the iPhone could have used it for years without replacing the battery, at which point the battery is now very weak before they were brought into the market to sell.

You will have to check how strong the battery is by using a feature in the phone that lets you know the health state of the battery.

If you happen to see 80% and above, then that means that the battery health is ok. The battery will still be able to perform well with that health percentage.

Locked Or Unlocked?

Iphones come with a unique feature that prevents other people from using your phone when they steal it.

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There are factory-unlocked iPhones, locked iPhones, and temporarily locked iPhones. However, some software developers came up with ways through which people can still use the phone even if it was locked.

When you are buying the iPhone, you can decide to buy any of the above-mentioned locked categories.

If you decide to buy a factory-locked one, you should be sure that it is a factory-locked iPhone you are buying.

This is due to how complex the iPhone can be. One way to check if the iPhone is factory locked is to reset it. if after resetting you get access to all the features on it, you are good.

Size Of Memory

The memory size of the iPhone should be considered as well. Iphones come with memory sizes between 16GB and to 512GB.

When you ask for a particular phone that you want, make sure that you get exactly that by letting the seller show it to you in the settings before you pay for it. This is to make sure that no one cheats on you.

Check The Other Features

Checking that all the features in the iPhone are working should be the first thing you look at before going to the others.

However, there is no particular order for this so just start anyhow you see fit. If you are buying a used higher-end model like X to 12 Pro Max, you should check the face ID is working well because these models do not have the home button.

And the lower models are the ones with the touch ID since they have the home button. You should look at these because they will determine whether you can use the phone again or not once it locks you out. 

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Is It Original?

You should also make sure that you are buying an original phone. With the iPhone, you can check to see if it is original or not. 

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Select ‘general’
  3. Select ’about’

You will be presented with the model of the phone, the serial number, and the model number. You then copy the serial number and check on google to see if it is original. After you see that it is original, then you are good to go.


Checking to see if all these features and more are working before you is good because some sellers normally sell bad phones to people and then later act like the phone was good when they initially sold it.

Make sure not to fall a victim to such scams by always checking these before you buy. If you do not know much about iPhones, just ask someone who already uses one to go with you on the purchase.  


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