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Top 3 Places To Request For A Loan In Ghana

The mobile money platform is now operated by almost all the telecommunication companies in Ghana.

The platform has become very popular among ordinary people who otherwise had a hard time with the sending and receiving of money between themselves and their business partners.

And now, some mobile money platforms allow their subscribers to borrow some amount of money which is later paid at an agreed date with the agreed interest included. Failure to pay on the agreed date only increases the interest percentage.

MTN has the QwikLoan service, which gives loans to subscribers of the network company and later receives it back.

This is more popular than any other loan service due to the popularity of the MTN mobile money service. However, there are other mobile money loaners out there that also give loans to subscribers.

In this article, we will shed some light on Vodafone cash loan services.

The loan system on Vodafone is similar to the MTN mobile money loan service. There are some things that you will need to adhere to first if you want to acquire a loan from Vodafone cash loan.

You must make sure that the Vodafone SIM card you are trying to use to access the loan is valid and has been registered

You must also be registered on the Vodafone cash service

You can then get a loan from any of the following loan lenders into your Vodafone cash account.


This loan is an emergency one that is provided by Blue Financial Services GH LTD to Vodafone cash users.

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Vodafone cash users can apply for this loan if they need an emergency fund to take care of something.

The loans taken from CashXpress are easily sent to the mobile money wallets of the loan applicants.

They are also very affordable. Applicants of this loan are given 30, 60, or 90 days to pay back the loan.

They can pay back the loan either through post-dated cheques or through a mobile money transfer.

You should also try visiting if you want to find more information about the CashXpress loan services.


FIDO loan lending institution is one of the simplest ways to acquire a loan from Vodafone Cash.

They are located in Dworwulu in Accra. The loan lending institution provides fast and instant loans to loan seekers who use the mobile money service.

People who are on the Vodafone network can get a bigger loan by using their Vodafone cash wallet.

All one needs to do to be able to acquire a loan from there is to download the FIDO loan lending mobile app from the play store and have It installed on their devices.

You will then have to register on the app and then you can begin your request of seeking a loan.  It may take one day or two to finally receive the loan that you requested.

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You must enter your Vodafone cash wallet number during the loan application process. Below is the process through which you can get a loan from the FIDO loan lending service.

  • Download the FIDO app from the play store and install it
  • Enter the relevant details needed into the form 
  • Apply for the loan and receive the money instantly in your Vodafone cash wallet.     

Afb Smart Cash Mobile Loan

This loan is provided by Afb Bank and it comes collateral-free. Afb Bank is also credited with the start of the MTN QwikLoan service.

This loan service gives applicants loans that must be repaid in 30 days. You can access this loan by visiting the website of Afb Bank.

So if you are looking to get a loan from the Vodafone cash mobile money service, these are the ways to get the loan.

Vodafone Cash itself does not directly provide a loan for its subscribers as MTN mobile money does.

We hope this article has cleared some confusion that you might have been dealing with about the Vodafone cash loan system.

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