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List Of Ghana Made Kantanka Vehicles And Their Prices

Kantanka Automobiles is a technologically advanced business in Ghana that puts together different types of cars.

Dr. Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka owns the company and is the major mind behind all the inventions it has made over the years.

The company has been making some cool copies of old artifacts. The company has made things like a TV that turns on when you clap your hands and a car that can talk when it thinks someone is trying to steal it.

We are going to talk about the cars that the Kantanka company has made available to the public in this piece.

In 2011, the car company changed into a limited liability company. We are going to look at some of their amazing cars and how much they sell them to the public.

People in the country have complained that the prices of Kantanka cars are too high, so the prices might not be what you’d expect.

When the company sets the prices for the cars, it also takes into account the taxes it has to pay on the parts it buys to put the cars together.

The government did, however, give the company a 10-year tax holiday to help them out so that they could make enough food at prices that people could pay.

List Of Ghana-Made Kantanka Vehicles In Ghana With Their Prices

Below are some of the vehicles produced by the company:

  • Kantanka Onantefo
  • Kantanka Omama Luxury
  • Kantanka Omama Standard
  • Kanyanka K71
  • Kantanka Amoanimaah
  • Kantanka Mensah
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Kantanka Onantefo

Kantanka Onantefo

There is temperature control in the car that can make it more comfortable when needed.

It also has a comfortable setup inside. The engine is 10.3 liters and has multiple injectors. It can go over 100kn per hour.

Price Of Kantanka Onantefo

The Kantanka Onantefo has a starting price tag of GHS 170,000 across Kantanka car shops in Ghana.

Kantanka Omama Luxury

Kantanka Omama Luxury

The company had potential owners in mind when it produced this car in the sense that, it has been designed to cost less in its operational use costs.

The vehicle is a 4×4 luxury SUV and has a 1.9 Turbo-Charge Injector engine with a fuel capacity of 7.8 liters.

Price Of Kantanka Omama Luxury

This vehicle has a price tag of GHS 150,000 across all Katanka car stores in Ghana.

Kantanka Omama Standard

Kantanka Omama Standard

This is the standard version of Kantanka Omama Luxury. It has a turbo diesel engine with the same amount of fuel consumption as the Omama Luxury of 7.8 liters. With a 500kg luggage space.

Price Of Kantanka Omama Standard

The vehicle has a price tag of GHC 105,000 across all Kantanka car stores in Ghana.

Kanyanka K71

Kanyanka K71

If you are in the market for comfort, safety, and class that is made in Ghana, then the Kantanka K71 is the vehicle you are looking for.

It has several amazing features such as a rearview camera, and a steering column that absorbs energy.

A front airbag, ABS/EBD system, and come with a 1,5cc engine.

Price Of Kanyanka K71

With all the amazing features, it still has a slightly lower asking price than the above one at GHC 85,000

Kantanka Amoanimaah

Kantanka Amoanimaah

With a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, the Kantanka Amoanimaah is a salon car that churns out over 102 horsepower.

That power is delivered to the wheels via a 5-speed automatic transmission. It comes with an amazing interior design with a spacious room up front.

Price Of Kantanka Amoanimaah

Kantanka Amoanimaah has a fuel capacity of 6.4 liters and a price tag of GHC 80,000.

Kantanka Mensah

Kantanka Mensah

The Kantanka is a long salon car with large luggage space for holding goods when going on a journey.

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The long saloon car comes with a 2.4cc engine and a 4-wheel independent suspension system setup.

Price Of Kantanka Mensah

All that luxury does not come cheap as the car has a price tag of GHC 120,000.

The following are some one-off vehicles that have been produced by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka and his team of engineers.

Kantanka Okatakyie The Kantanka Okatakyie is the Ghanaian version of the German Mercedes G-wagon and the Polaris Slingshot. It can travel over harsh. Aside from Kantanka, you might also want to check out our article covering African-made cars.

Why You Should Consider Buying Kantanka Cars In Ghana

When it comes to car buying, consumers often find themselves faced with a multitude of choices. In Ghana, one option that’s gaining traction and attention is the Kantanka car.

Established by Apostle Kwadwo Safo, the Kantanka Group has been producing vehicles in Ghana for over a decade. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider buying Kantanka cars in Ghana:

Support Local Industry

Purchasing a Kantanka car is a way to support the growth and development of the local automotive industry in Ghana.

By choosing a Kantanka vehicle, you are contributing to the advancement of Ghana’s manufacturing sector and helping create jobs and opportunities within the country. Supporting local industries is essential for economic growth and self-sufficiency.

Affordable Options

Kantanka offers a range of vehicles at various price points, making it possible for a broad spectrum of Ghanaians to afford a car.

From compact cars to 4×4 SUVs and pickups, Kantanka provides affordable options that cater to different needs and budgets. This affordability is especially appealing to many potential car buyers in Ghana.

Designed for Local Conditions

Kantanka cars are designed and built with the Ghanaian environment and conditions in mind. The vehicles are robust and well-suited to the often challenging road conditions in various parts of Ghana.

Whether you’re navigating urban streets or venturing off-road in rural areas, Kantanka cars are equipped to handle it.

Parts Availability and Service Centers

One of the concerns when buying a car is the availability of spare parts and maintenance services. Kantanka has made efforts to address this issue by establishing service centers across the country and ensuring a consistent supply of spare parts.

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This reduces the inconvenience and cost associated with car maintenance and repairs.

Job Creation

The growth of the Kantanka Group has resulted in the creation of jobs in manufacturing, sales, and servicing.

By purchasing a Kantanka car, you’re indirectly contributing to employment opportunities for many Ghanaians and helping build a skilled workforce in the automotive industry.

Advanced Technology

Kantanka has invested in incorporating modern technology into its vehicles. Many Kantanka cars feature GPS navigation, touchscreen infotainment systems, air conditioning, and other contemporary amenities.

These technologies enhance the overall driving experience and bring Kantanka cars on par with international standards.

Customization and Personalization

Kantanka vehicles can be customized to meet individual preferences and requirements. Whether you need a specific color, interior design, or additional features, Kantanka provides options for personalization, allowing you to tailor your car to your liking.

Fuel Efficiency

Kantanka cars are designed with an emphasis on fuel efficiency, making them cost-effective in the long run.

In an era where the cost of fuel can significantly impact the cost of ownership, having a car that optimizes fuel consumption is a practical advantage.

Positive Environmental Impact

Kantanka has demonstrated a commitment to producing eco-friendly vehicles. In a world increasingly concerned about environmental sustainability, choosing a Kantanka car is a step toward a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The company has been exploring electric and hybrid options, aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

National Pride

Owning a Kantanka car instills a sense of national pride. It’s a vehicle brand made in Ghana, and by driving one, you’re demonstrating your support for local innovation and industry.

Kantanka vehicles serve as a symbol of Ghana’s growing technological and manufacturing capabilities.

Strong Resale Value

Kantanka cars are known for their durability, and this can positively impact their resale value. If you decide to sell your Kantanka car in the future, you may find that it retains its value quite well, which is an advantage for your investment.


Kantanka cars offer a range of compelling reasons to consider them as a viable option when buying a vehicle in Ghana.

Beyond the tangible benefits of affordability, robust design, and modern technology, the choice to buy a Kantanka car carries with it the opportunity to support local industries, create jobs, and contribute to the development of the Ghanaian automotive sector.

Kantanka represents a beacon of progress and self-reliance, and by choosing their cars, you become a part of that narrative, driving the future of Ghana forward.

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