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Impact Of Technology In The World Of Sports

The advancement of technology seemed to have touched on every aspect of life and events in the world. From the field of agriculture, and medicine to human safety, the tools of technology can be found in almost every corner of the globe.

And now in the world of sports, we get to see that technology has had an impact there as well. The ways sports have appealed to people today are all down to the positive impact of technology.

The way sports are even played and monitored by officials today has been made much more effective through the use of technology. There are several ways through which technology has changed the face of sports. We will be looking at some of these below.

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Field Conditions

There are new and much better fields for sporting activities that are maintained very well. These new fields look like a carpet that has been laid out on the floor. Due to this, the athletes can perform better with the fear of sustaining serious injuries.

Live Streaming

Technology has made sports appeal to a lot of people through the way we can view sporting activities in the comfort of our homes or even at the stadiums. Giant electronic gadgets in the stadia display the scoreline of the event clearly for all present at the stadium to see.

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Those at home too can view the event on their TV sets with the scoreline shown at the bottom of the screen. All these have made the viewing of sports much better than it was before.

Making Money

Through technological tools like the internet, sports teams can sell sports merchandise to their fans easily and generate revenue for the team through their websites. These websites also contain information about how the teams are run as well as information on the athletes in the teams as well.

One can also find information on the games played by the team. This helps to keep sports fans up to date with the progress of their favorite teams.

Scouting Talents

Before the appearance of technology, scouting for potential sporting talents was a whole lot of work. However, due to technology, scouts can now assess whether an athlete fits what they are looking for.

Scouts now have the tools to know how fast an athlete can run, their jump as well as their overall knowledge of the game. These have helped scouts to be able to present the right kind of athletes to their teams.

 Video Games

Technological advancements have also made It possible for sports fans to be able to control their favorite athletes in video games.

With new generation engines and high-quality graphics, the improvement that technology has brought to the gaming experience has now made it possible for fans to be able to play sporting video games and get much closer to their favorite teams and favorite athletes.

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Training facilities that have been equipped with technological machines are now used by athletes and coaches to exercise more accurately and efficiently. Athletes are now able to train well with machines such as treadmills instead of having to run around a pitch ten times.

This enables the athletes to perform their workouts effectively and always be in great shape for their games.

Ticket Purchase

Fans who would want to support their teams at the stadium can purchase their tickets on the team’s websites or by sending hand sellers before they get to the stadium. Technology has revolutionized how we now purchase tickets to see our teams play without much sweat.


Through the use of technology, we have been able to build some incredibly-looking stadiums that would have been impossible hundreds of years ago.

With large jumbotrons and sound systems that make the whole place lively, you may not even take these places as a place where sports games are played. Fans can view highlights right in the stadium.


Sports information can be accessed by almost anyone who owns a smartphone. All they have to do is to download a sports app like ESPN and they will be able to stay up to date with all sporting events as they come.

The examples above show us the kind of impact that technology has had on the world of sports. Through the use of technology, sports can reach millions of fans all over the world, and has even made sporting events much easier. We hope you enjoyed this article on technology in sports.

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