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How To Transfer Credit From AirtelTigo To AirtelTigo

AirtelTigo Ghana stands as one of the largest telecommunication networks in the country. This company has continuously introduced a range of services to enhance the user experience for its customers. Among these services, there’s one that stands out – the ‘Me2U’ service.

The ‘Me2U’ service empowers AirtelTigo customers to share their airtime with friends and loved ones. What’s great about this service is that it’s available around the clock.

Day or night, it doesn’t matter; customers can send airtime whenever they need to. The flexibility offered is undoubtedly a valuable aspect of this service.

Customers can send any amount of airtime, provided it doesn’t exceed GHC10.00, which serves as the daily limit for transfers.

To make the transfer, there are simple and clear steps to follow, ensuring that your loved ones receive the airtime you want to send their way.

Here Is How To Send Airtime To Family, Friends, And Loved Ones On AirtelTigo Using Their App

  1. Open the AirtelTigo menu on your mobile device and select Me2U
  2. Select ‘send airtime’
  3. Enter the amount of airtime that you wish to send to the person
  4. Now enter the number of the recipient. You can choose the number of the recipient from your contact list
  5. Now you will have to confirm the transaction by entering your password
  6. Press send
  7. A notification message will be sent to you confirming the transfer of the airtime. The recipient of the airtime will also receive a notification message.
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How To Change Your AirtelTigo Me2U Password

In case you may want to change the password on your Me2U service, there is an easy way to go about that.

  1. Open the AirtelTigo money again and select the Me2U option.
  2. Select ‘change password’
  3. Enter the current password you using
  4. Now enter the new password
  5. Now confirm the new password that you have input
  6. Now press send

Some rules governing the Me2U service by AirtelTigo that all customers who wish to use the service need to be familiar with.

Below are the rules that you need to be familiar with before you can start using the AirtelTigo Me2U airtime-sharing service.

  • You cannot transfer airtime from the AirtelTigo network to another number that is not on the AirtelTigo network.
  • It is expected to change the default password on the service from 1234 to any other password that you can easily remember. It must be a 4-digit password.
  • You can send any amount of airtime to people, ranging from 20p airtime to GHC10.00.
  • There are no charges for changing the 4-digit PIN or any inquiry SMSs. Transactions that fail will also not be charged.
  • Once airtime has been transferred to someone, it cannot be reversed. So please be sure that you want to send the airtime to that particular person before you go ahead and do so.
  • The airtime that is transferred is deducted from the account of the sender after the transaction has been completed.
  • The charge for transferring airtime from your account to someone else is 0.4p for any transaction that gets completed.
  • The airtime you are sending to someone cannot be more than the airtime available on your phone.
  • The highest that can be transferred is GHC10.00.
  • And the lowest that can be transferred to others is 0.20p.
  • GHC10.00 is also the maximum amount of airtime that can be transferred in a day.
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Now that you’ve learned how to transfer airtime to your family, friends, and loved ones, you have a convenient way to meet their requests.

Just keep in mind that the recipient must also be an AirtelTigo network subscriber for the transfer to work. Once a transaction is completed, it’s irreversible, so be certain of the amount you’re sending.

Always ensure that your account balance is sufficient to cover the amount you intend to send. The transaction won’t go through if you don’t have enough credit in your account.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Now, you can start sending airtime without any hassle.

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