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Trending Tech Stories Starting This Year 2021

We are in 2021, and as we all know, despite this coronavirus, humanity is continuing with our regular lives. We have normalized things by putting in measures to curb the spread of this deadly virus.

In this article, I will take you through what’s happening in the Technology world, from WhatsApp and Signal through google, phones, and many more, so let’s dive into it without wasting much time.

Here are some of the most popular tech stories that have been trending starting this year:

Battle Between WhatsApp And Signal

whatsapp vs signal

One trending story which I guess you have heard of is the battle between WhatsApp and Signal. Recently Whatsapp decided to release a new privacy policy that forced its users to share their user data with its parent company Facebook to enhance how they serve personalized ads.

This new policy has made many people move from WhatsApp to signal because people believe Signal does not need users’ data for anything.

Donald Trump And Twitter

donald trump vs twitter

We also heard about the formal United States of American president Mr. Donald Trump’s social media accounts been suspended. The move to stop his account happened days before the sworn-in of the new president-elect.

Australia Versus Google And Facebook

australia vs google and facebook

Google, too has been in the news, and this time it’s between Google and Australia. This is because Australia is looking into signing an agreement that will request Google to pay publishers for showing their articles on the search engine.

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Google too has struck back by threatening to stop working in Australia if this becomes an agreement.

Upcoming Smartphones

upcoming smartphones

Another smartphone feature that we have heard it coming is that it will soon be possible to turn a smartphone into a handheld computer by adding a keyboard, a mouse, and a touch screen.

If it is real, such a hardware combination would enable the user to access the internet, play games, and do many more things that are only possible with a phone.

The smartphone market will be giving a lot of attention to this new technology, especially if it has the same functionality as a laptop.

And when it comes to tech news in Ghana, the bank of Ghana is also going to phase out the GHS 1 and the GHS 2 notes, click here to read why they are taking such decision and when they are going to do it. If you are also a Google maps lover, you might also want to read about Google now going to integrate the Ghana Post GPS.

People will be curious to know what these new gadgets would provide them and the benefits they are going to get.

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