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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology?

Technology has improved the lives of people all over the world. The advancement of technology over the last century has improved healthcare, human safety as well as learning.

However, just like everything else in the world, technological advances have had both a positive and negative side. Like its positive side has brought a lot of improvement, its negative side has also got a lot of harm.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the advantages that technology has had over the world and the disadvantages that it brought along with it. We will start with the benefits of technology in the world.

Advantages Of Technology


Technological advancement and evolution in the field of science have been significant to human health.

It is now possible to detect and treat various ailments that were untreatable or undetectable before the introduction of artificial intelligence and technology in science. Through this, many lives have been saved.


Technology has improved communication worldwide through the inventions of phones, computers, and the internet.

The internet has become one of the useful things in the world due to the number of things technology can be used.

It also has made communication to almost any location in the world easier. People can now send emails and call their loved ones no matter where they may be.


The technological tools available to archaeologists have enabled them to discover many things that our ancestors left behind.

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The invention of electricity also further laid the foundation for most of the technological tools we see today.

Knowledge Access

Through the internet, knowledge has been at the fingertips of anyone who seeks it. Google searches help people to find what they are looking for or to know more about something. Almost any kind of knowledge that one seeks can be found there.

You can also download books onto your smartphones to read instead of getting a real physical book. Students can also learn online through the internet without attending a class if it is in another country.

Saving Time

Things that used to take hours to complete are now done in minutes, thanks to technology. Instead of sending an ordinary letter that took about a week or two to get delivered, one can directly send an email received by the recipient that very minute.


Technology has also improved traveling through the inventions of cars, trains, and airplanes, which makes mobility much more comfortable.

The above are some of the advantages of technology in improving the lives of people. Now let us take a look at some of the disadvantages of technology which are just the advantages. 

Disadvantages Of Technology


The internet is not a place for accessing knowledge and learning only, and criminals and terrorists also use it because these criminals can access it almost anywhere in the world. 

Terrorists are known to use social media to promote themselves and recruit people into their fold. Drug dealers, mercenaries, and illegal arms dealers also use it to trade their wares over the dark web.

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Pedophiles also use it to lure in their victims by sharing inappropriate images and videos with them.


Due to how digital the world has become, personal privacy has now become hard to maintain.

Personal data can be stolen by a hacker and sold to whoever may want to buy it. There are now digital cameras in public places that monitor the movement of people as they pass by.

Employers can also come across an unpleasant video of an employee or a thought expressed by an employee that goes against the company’s values.

Taking control of what you post online has now become very difficult to do so.


People now engage with friends and others digitally instead of doing so physically. 

This then leads to a sense of disconnection. The person also begins to isolate himself since he can reach almost anyone he wants on their smartphone.

Some studies conducted have revealed that too much isolation leads to depression and many other mental issues.

Media Manipulation

It is not easy to tell a real photo from a fake one anymore since digital has made it possible to edit pictures and their original state.

Digital audios and videos can also be tampered with to hide their original condition. These will only keep getting worse, and technology keeps on advancing with time. 

Job Insecurity

Today, many tasks have been performed by the use of computers. People can also do some jobs through the internet without needing to be physically present at the workplace.

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This means that someone ready to take less pay for the same position you are applying for can undercut you and clinch and take the job from you since most employers today like cheap labor. 

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Also, some tasks which were meant for humans have now been delegated to computers. For example, drivers and delivery guys will soon find themselves out of work as auto companies continue their research to make vehicles fully autonomous.


These are some of the advantages that technology has brought to us and the disadvantages that came along with it. It is hard to tell the one which outweighs the other.

As technology keeps improving and advancing, the advantages and disadvantages will only become much more and more. You can also check out Technology Use In The Covid-19 Pandemic.

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