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Most prominent Smartphone Manufacturers In The World

The smartphone industry is undeniably one of the largest and most lucrative sectors globally.

People worldwide purchase smartphones regularly, with some upgrading whenever a new model is released, while others replace their phones only when necessary.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the world’s biggest and most renowned smartphone companies.

These names are likely familiar to those who stay updated on tech news, as they represent major players in the dynamic and competitive smartphone market.


samsung phones

Samsung stands out as one of the largest and most renowned tech companies globally. With its Korean origins, Samsung has consistently held a significant market share in the smartphone industry.

In the second quarter of the previous year, 2020, Samsung commanded a market share of 18.6%, shipping over 54 million smartphones in that quarter alone.

It’s worth noting that these figures reflect Samsung’s resilience and ability to rebound, as the company had experienced a decline of 27.1% before this notable recovery.

Samsung’s prominence in the smartphone market is a testament to its innovation, diverse product range, and widespread global appeal.


Huawei has indeed established itself as a major player in the global smartphone industry. In the second quarter of 2020, Huawei shipped 54 million smartphones, mirroring Samsung’s shipment numbers for that period.

With an 18.4% market share, Huawei’s performance positioned it as a key competitor on the global stage.

Despite facing various challenges, Huawei’s ability to maintain a substantial market share in the smartphone industry is noteworthy.

The company’s success extends to its home market, China, where it captured about 42% of the overall market share.

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This achievement is particularly significant given the intense competition in China, with other major players like Samsung and Apple vying for consumer attention.

Huawei’s impact on the global smartphone landscape underscores its innovation and appeal to consumers, making it a major contender alongside other industry giants.



Apple unquestionably holds a significant position as one of the largest and most iconic smartphone manufacturers, sharing the spotlight with Samsung.

While Apple focuses exclusively on the iPhone line of smartphones, it has cultivated a dedicated and passionate user base, creating a distinct brand identity.

In the second quarter of 2020, Apple shipped over 38 million iPhones, showcasing its enduring popularity.

Although this represented a slight decline of 0.4% for the tech giant, Apple’s ability to maintain a substantial market share and generate billions in revenue is a testament to the strong appeal of its products.

Apple’s performance in the Chinese market also saw improvement, influenced by a more favorable business environment.

The introduction of the second-generation iPhone SE played a role in encouraging consumers to choose Apple, highlighting the impact of strategic product launches on the company’s overall success.


Xiaomi has indeed made a significant impact on the global smartphone market and has become widely recognized for its innovative and feature-rich smartphones.

The company’s success is evident in its shipment of over 26 million smartphones in the second quarter, securing an 8.9% market share.

Xiaomi’s presence and popularity have grown considerably over the last few years.

Despite facing a decline of 21.5% in its operations during the second quarter, Xiaomi has managed to maintain a notable position among the most popular smartphone brands globally.

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The company’s ability to offer competitive products with appealing features and pricing has contributed to its success and recognition in the competitive smartphone industry.


Oppo has indeed risen through the ranks and gained prominence in the competitive smartphone market.

Similar to Xiaomi, Oppo has garnered attention with its release of impressive smartphones. Despite facing a decline of about 15.9% in the specified quarter compared to the previous year, Oppo managed to ship more than 2 million smartphones, securing an 8% market share.

Oppo’s ability to maintain a significant market share underscores its impact on the global smartphone industry.

The company’s focus on delivering compelling devices with innovative features has contributed to its success, allowing it to claim a notable position among the leading smartphone brands worldwide.


The above-listed companies are some of the most popular smartphone companies globally. 

These companies recorded steady growth with mild declines in the previous year while clinching market shares for their efforts. 

Some of the most popular brands that did not make the list are LG, Infinix, and Nokia. 

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