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Samsung Washing Machines And Their Prices In Ghana

Undoubtedly, there are moments when the prospect of completing household chores feels daunting, particularly when one could be enjoying the comfort of a Saturday morning in bed.

The unavoidable reality, however, is that these chores remain essential and require personal attention.

Among the various tasks, laundry stands out as a particularly arduous and time-consuming endeavor. In times past, people often opted to hire assistance for their laundry needs, a practice that, despite its convenience, still demanded a significant amount of time.

Enter technology, a game-changer in simplifying and expediting our daily responsibilities. The advent of machines, including washing machines, has revolutionized the way we approach household tasks, significantly enhancing our efficiency.

Washing machines, as the name implies, are home appliances designed to streamline the laundry process.

These devices have replaced the traditional manual method of washing by hand, which involved soaking, scrubbing, and rinsing clothing before drying them.

The inception of electric washing machines dates back to the early 1900s, and over the years, they have evolved to become more efficient and faster in operation.

In the current market, washing machines rank among the most sought-after electrical appliances. What was once considered a luxury for the renowned and wealthy has become a commonplace feature in many households across Ghana.

The surge in demand has led to a plethora of brands manufacturing washing machines, presenting buyers with a wide array of choices.

However, this abundance of options can be a double-edged sword, as buyers who lack sufficient information may unknowingly invest in appliances of subpar quality, compromising efficiency and durability.

To address this concern, this article aims to provide valuable insights into what to consider when purchasing washing machines in Ghana and other countries.

Samsung, a globally recognized brand, holds a prominent position in the realm of electrical gadgets. Known for their commitment to quality, Samsung has consistently outshone competitors, earning a widespread reputation.

In the subsequent sections of this article, we will delve into the key considerations when buying washing machines, recommended brands, and detailed information on the specifications and estimated prices of selected washing machines.

As we navigate through this exploration, it is essential to equip readers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, ensuring that the investment in a washing machine aligns with both quality and practicality.

Samsung Washing Machines, Their Specifications, And Prices In Ghana

Samsung 12Kg Twin Top Washing Machine [WT12J4200]

Samsung 12Kg Twin Top Washing Machine [WT12J4200]

This cutting-edge washing machine boasts a remarkable feature—powerful water currents that significantly enhance the efficiency of the laundry process.

The machine achieves this through its high-speed spinning mechanism, creating strong and dynamic water movements.

This robust water circulation effectively penetrates fabrics, ensuring a thorough wash and facilitating the removal of stains with remarkable efficiency.

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The synergy of fast spinning and powerful water currents not only expedites the washing process but also contributes to more effective cleansing of clothes.

This feature underscores the machine’s commitment to delivering optimal performance, ensuring that your laundry experience is both swift and thorough.

Price Of Samsung 12Kg Twin Top Washing Machine

The price of Samsung 12Kg Twin Top Washing Machine is GHS 2,170 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.



  • Gross0Kg12 kg
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Double Storm
  • Wash Turbo
  • Water Drain


  • Net (WxHxD)
  • 800 x 935 x 502mm
  • Gross (WxHxD)
  • 855 x 990 x 560mm


  • Net5Kg

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 8Kg Wash 5Kg Dry Full Automatic

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 8Kg Wash 5Kg Dry Full Automatic

Experience an unparalleled level of cleanliness with the innovative features of this washing machine.

The Hygiene Steam cycle elevates the quality of your wash by providing a deep, hygienic clean without the need for pre-treatments.

Steam is released from the bottom of the drum, ensuring thorough saturation of every item, resulting in a hygienically fresh feel without relying on excessive water and detergent use.

The Air Wash technology takes freshness to the next level by deodorizing and sanitizing your clothes.

This cutting-edge feature employs heated air to eliminate unpleasant odors and remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, leaving your garments smelling consistently fresh.

For those stubborn stains that seem insurmountable, the Bubble Soak function comes to the rescue.

This powerful function is designed to tackle a wide variety of tough stains, including those from blood, tea, wine, and makeup. Enjoy spotlessly clean clothes, even when dealing with the most challenging dirt and stains.

With these advanced functionalities, this washing machine not only ensures optimal cleanliness but also simplifies the laundry process, offering a seamless and effective solution for your garment care needs.

Price Of Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 8Kg Wash 5Kg Dry Full Automatic

The price of Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 8Kg Wash 5Kg Dry Full Automatic is GHS 12,999 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.


Washing Capacity

  • Washing Capacity (Kg):6kg

Body Design

  • Body Colour: DA Silver
  • Door Colour: Crystal Gloss
  • Panel Display: LCD


  • Bubble Technology: Yes
  • Motor: Inverter
  • VRT: Yes
  • AddWash: No
  • Drum Type: Diamond Interior Drum
  • Stop&Add: No
  • Interior Drum Light: Yes
  • Auto Dispenser: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Digital Inverter Motor: Yes
  • Tempered Glass Window: Yes


  • Active Wear: Yes
  • Air Refresh: Yes
  • Air Bedding Care: Yes
  • Air Sanitize: Yes
  • Baby Care: Yes
  • Wool: Yes
  • Jeans: Yes
  • Blanket: Yes

Physical Specification

  • Width × Height × Depth (Net): 600 mm × 850 mm × 450 mm
  • Net Weight: 53 kg
  • Width × Height × Depth (Gross With Inlet Hose): 657 mm × 890 mm × 536 mm
  • Gross Weight: 56 kg

Samsung Wd80 Ta046 Bx Washer & Dryer 8 Kg Washing Machine + Free Sensor Steam Iron

Experience a new era of efficient cleaning, even at lower temperatures, thanks to the revolutionary Eco Bubble™ technology.

This innovative feature transforms detergent into bubbles, enabling rapid penetration of fabric to effortlessly remove dirt.

The result is not only a thorough cleaning but also energy savings and enhanced preservation of color and texture in your garments.

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The Digital Inverter Technology takes performance to a new level, utilizing powerful magnets for a quieter and more potent operation.

Surprisingly quiet yet remarkably powerful, this technology consumes less energy compared to a Universal Motor, contributing to an eco-friendly and energy-efficient laundry experience.

Maintain the hygienic freshness of your clothes without the need for water and detergent, courtesy of the Air Wash technology.

This advanced feature effectively deodorizes and sanitizes your garments using only heated air, eliminating unpleasant odors and eradicating up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Enjoy not just clean, but also thoroughly refreshed clothes with this cutting-edge washing machine.

Price Of Samsung Wd80 Ta046 Bx Washer & Dryer 8 Kg Washing Machine + Free Sensor Steam Iron

The price of Samsung Wd80 Ta046 Bx Washer & Dryer 8 Kg Washing Machine + Free Sensor Steam Iron is GHS 10,979 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.


  • Washing Capacity (kg) 8
  • Drying Capacity (kg) 6


  • Body color: Inox
  • Door: Tint Door
  • Panel Display: LED


  • Air Wash: Yes
  • Spin Speed: 1400 RPM
  • Bubble Soak: Yes
  • Bubble technology: Yes
  • Motor: DIT
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Delay End: Yes
  • Drum Clean: Yes
  • Drum type: Diamond
  • Dry Level: Yes
  • Intensive: Yes
  • Pre-Wash: Yes
  • Stay Clean Drawer: Yes
  • Steam: Yes
  • Time Dry: Yes


  • Wash and Dry: Yes
  • Air Wash: Yes
  • Cotton: Yes
  • Daily Wash: Yes
  • Drum Clean: Yes
  • Rinse + Spin: Yes
  • Super Eco Wash: Yes
  • Synthetics: Yes
  • Wool/Delicates: Yes
  • Cotton Dry: Yes
  • Synthetics Dry: Yes
  • 15′ Quick Wash: Yes
  • Hygiene Steam: Yes


  • Net Dimension (WxHxD) 600 x 850 x 600 mm

Samsung DV5000 Tumble Dryer A++ 8KG

Samsung DV5000 Tumble Dryer A++ 8KG

Efficiency meets innovation with the Samsung Series 5 DV80TA020AX/EU 9 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer.

This appliance is designed to dry your clothes while optimizing energy consumption through the utilization of advanced heat pump technology.

The heat pump technology represents a cost-effective and environmentally conscious approach to drying clothes.

By employing hot air to absorb moisture from your garments, this technology ensures efficient drying while minimizing energy usage.

This not only contributes to lower energy bills but also aligns with eco-friendly practices, making it a smart and sustainable choice for your laundry needs.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and energy efficiency as you enjoy the convenience of a tumble dryer that not only dries your clothes effectively but does so with a mindful approach to resource consumption.

Price Of Samsung DV5000 Tumble Dryer A++ 8KG

The price of Samsung DV5000 Tumble Dryer A++ 8KG is GHS 6,990 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.


  • Heat Pump Technology
  • Optimal-dry
  • Reversible Door
  • 8KG Dryer
  • Full Automatic

Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine (WA70H4200SW) 

Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine (WA70H4200SW) 

Experience the pinnacle of washing technology with the Samsung WA70H4200SW, featuring the distinctive Diamond Drum technology.

This groundbreaking innovation replaces the conventional washing drum with one adorned with deep, diamond-shaped depressions.

This unique texture serves a dual purpose, it safeguards your fabrics from snags while creating an ideal environment for gentle yet highly effective washing.

The Samsung WA70H4200SW takes fabric care to the next level with its exclusive Magic Filter. Prepare to be enchanted by its powerful lint-trapping capabilities, ensuring your clothing emerges dramatically cleaner.

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Unlike filters in traditional washing machines, the Magic Filter is strategically positioned low in the washer, effectively capturing lint regardless of the water level.

This means even small loads come out impeccably lint-free, enhancing the overall quality of your laundry.

Adding to its charm, the Magic Filter features a convenient indicator light that notifies you when it’s time for cleaning, an almost magical touch that ensures optimal performance with ease.

With these advanced features, the Samsung WA70H4200SW elevates the laundry experience, combining innovation, efficiency, and fabric care in one enchanting package.

Price Of Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine (WA70H4200SW) 

The price of Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine (WA70H4200SW) is GHS 2,170 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.


  • Capacity: 8 KG
  • Rotation: 1200 RPM
  • Color: Silver
  • LED Display
  • Drum Type: Diamond
  • Child Lock: Yes

Samsung Retail Shops In Accra

  • Compu Ghana (Osu Mall, McKoffie House, Junction Mall, Marina Mall, Westhills Mall, East Legon).
  • Delvano East Legon
  • His Majesty
  • Intact
  • KabFam Ghana
  • Kingbett
  • Kingtech
  • Melcom Accra
  • Electroland PBS, Spintex, Adabraka, Tema)
  • Gafkwa
  • Get 4 Less

Samsung Retail Shops In Kumasi

  • Samsung Plus, Adum
  • Super Lovek, Adum
  • Telefonika, Ahodwo
  • Franko Trading Kumasi
  • Jolie Phones
  • Oman Belin, Adum
  • Pat Thomas store, Kejetia & Adum.

E-Commerce Shops Where Samsung Washing Machines Are Available


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best Samsung Washing Machine model?

Samsung WA65T4262GG Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine is the best Samsung Washing Machine model so far.

Is a Samsung washing machine a good washing machine?

Samsung front-load washers rank highest in customer satisfaction, according to J.D. Power’s laundry appliance satisfaction study.

Are Samsung Washing Machines expensive?

Yes, Samsung washing machines are relatively expensive in contrast with other brands. They offer high-quality products which are worth the price being paid.

Which brand of washing machine is best?

Some of the best washing machine brands are Samsung, LG, Bosch, IFB, Whirlpool, Panasonic, and more.

Samsung washing machine 12kg price in Ghana

The price of Samsung washing machine 12kg is GHS 8,393 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.

Samsung washing machine 7kg price in Ghana

The price of Samsung washing machine 7kg is GHS 5,999 across all Samsung stores and other retail stores in Ghana.


In this comprehensive article, we have delved into a wealth of information about washing machines, providing readers with valuable insights into this essential household appliance.

The content spans a broad overview of washing machines in general, covering key aspects that enhance readers’ understanding of their functionality and benefits.

A significant portion of the article is dedicated to a detailed write-up about Samsung washing machines, including their specifications and prices in Ghana.

This focused exploration offers readers a closer look at the features and pricing of Samsung washing machines, aiding them in making informed decisions based on their preferences and requirements.

Moreover, the article goes the extra mile by providing practical information on where to find Samsung washing machines for purchase.

By listing both physical stores and online platforms, readers are equipped with convenient options for acquiring their desired Samsung washing machine, tailored to their shopping preferences.

To conclude the article on a helpful note, a section is dedicated to addressing frequently asked questions related to washing machines.

By providing clear and concise answers, this segment aims to enlighten readers further, ensuring they have a well-rounded understanding of the topic and can make confident decisions when it comes to choosing and purchasing a washing machine.

With this comprehensive approach, the article strives to be a valuable resource for readers seeking information about washing machines, particularly focusing on Samsung models available in the Ghanaian market.

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