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Why You Should Consider Buying The Latest Tecno Spark 7p

It has been a while since the Tecno Spark 7p was released by the smartphone manufacturer Tecno. Many people have purchased the phone and can testify of the fantastic features that it comes with. 

After taking a look at the smartphone myself, I must admit that it has impressed me well. This comes from someone who always relies on Samsung whenever he needs a smartphone. 

Until now, I never really paid much attention to the other brands in the country. The performance of the new Tecno Spark 7p has been excellent over the past few weeks because this is a middle-range smartphone. 

Other people who used the smartphone have also expressed their delight at the device’s performance. 

The device also has a good battery lifespan.

No long words, I want to share with you why I think you should consider going the new Tecno Spark 7p a try. You may not go back to your iPhone again. 

I will list some points to try and convince you why you should consider this smartphone. Let us get rolling.

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Battery Life 

one of the first things I noticed about the new Tecno Spark 7p was that it came with a strong battery. 

This is very important because smartphones today promise 10,000mAh batteries, but as soon as you leave the house and get to town, the 100% charged battery is now left with 45%. 

Where did the rest of the juice go? I certainly don’t know. 

However, the Tecno Spark 7p did step up to its claims with a strong battery that can last for more than a day. 

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The device comes with a 5000mAh battery, and the battery can even be used for Gaming and still be standing firm. Frequent social media use also does not affect the battery, as some other smartphones lose juice when you start browsing on social media. 

One feature that hits was the ultra battery saver mode, which allowed me to use a 20% battery from morning to near evening.


Everyone loves to game. And although I wouldn’t say I like to game on mobile phones because I fear for my battery, the new Tecno Spark 7p was able to allay my fears as the battery did not lose much juice even after close to 30minutes of Gaming. 

You can use the device to play some of the most popular smartphone games out there without lag or slowness. 

Games such as Asphalt 8 and 9, PUBG, NBA 2K20, and Call of Duty can all be smoothly played on the new device with a great experience. 

So if you are a big smartphone gamer and need an affordable smartphone that can be used to play the big games, then the Tecno Spark 7p is the phone you are looking for.


If you are like me, you would want to keep everything simple, including the significant terminologies that basically Camera.

The Camera that comes with the Tecno Spark 7p allows one to take some excellent and quality photographs without much stress, and you do not have an expert photographer to work the camera modes at all.

Screen Size

The size of the new phone is big enough to accommodate everything that you want to do. The phone comes with a 6.8″ Dot Notch display to convey all the best viewing experiences to you, and it is suitable for all your video and gaming needs.

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As I said at the beginning of the article, this is a middle-range smartphone, which does not come with an expensive price tag.

However, looking at the few most important features listed above, you would agree that it was not going to be broke cheap either. 

And since you would want to buy a phone that you can comfortably afford, there are several price variants that you can purchase based on their storage sizes. 

Today, smartphones are mainly priced based on their storage sizes.

The 64GB storage and 4GB RAM of the Tecno Spark 7p sell for GHS 750

While the 128GB storage and 4GB variant currently sell for just a little over GHS 895. You can check out this article taking you through the Tecno brand.


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