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The Tecno Story – How Tecno Became One Of The Best Brands In The Phone Industry

Tecno is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturing companies in the world. 

Many people, especially in Ghana, have heard of Tecno, while a section of these people uses a Tecno product, primarily a smartphone. 

Tecno has a lot of smartphones on sale in Ghana and other African countries.

The company was initially established in 2006, and it’s a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings in Shenzen, China. 

It was founded by George Zho, who acts as its CEO. 

Tecno mobile deals in electronic products as its primary business endeavor. 

The company had a turnover of over $1 billion in 2020.

Tecno seemed to have focused most of its businesses on the African continent, where it has been making giant strides with the smartphone products.

Tecno History 

Tecno mobile was initially established as Tecno Telecom limited in 2006 by George Zho. 

However, the company’s name was later changed to Transsion holding, with Tecno being turned into a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings. 

Another brand was then created in 2007 under the name of Itel. The Itel brand sold electronics in Africa, and it was later recognized as the ‘most student-friendly brand’ in 2017. 

The target market of Tecno was then focused entirely on the African continent in 2008 after it had done research into the African market and found that Africa was the most lucrative market for its products. 

It was recognized as one of the top three smartphone brands in Africa in 2010. 

It released a smartphone that was ‘made in Ethiopia.’ The company also announced its first smartphone that was set to run on the android marshmallow platform. 

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Tecno then launched a smartphone marketed as ‘the camera smartphone in Africa,’ and the Tecno Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus were also released in that same year. 

These smartphones came with biometric authentications for security. 

The company then released the Phantom8 at an event held in Dubai in 2017. 

Another smartphone that was launched in Dubai was the Tecno Camon CX. 

The smartphones by Tecno are among the cheapest smartphones on the African continent, and they are primarily purchased in Nigeria. 

The Tecno Spark series of smartphones were launched in August 2017. 

Tecno then diverted its attention to India after it had achieved success on the African continent. 

Smartphones by Tecno officially started selling in India in 2016. Tecno also set its sights on other potential markets aside from India and Africa, such as the Bangladesh and Nepali markets. 

The company also started testing to see how sales would be responded to in the Pakistani market. 

Tecno even started selling smartphones in the country through various e-commerce platforms and its website channels. 

The Tecno Camon CM was launched in 2018 in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, India, and Uganda. 

This was the first smartphone from Tecno that had an 18:9 aspect ratio. 

There was also a lower-priced Tecno Camon I4 that was released in Pakistan in April. 

The Tecno Pova was launched in 2020 in the Indian market with a massive 6000mAh battery and a quad-camera setup. 

Tecno has also entered the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America markets. 

Nigerian musician, Wizkid, was also unveiled as a brand ambassador for Tecno in 2020. 

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The ambassadorial deal was announced at the unveiling of the Tecno Camon 15 Premier in the Nigerian state of Lagos.


Tecno, one of the popular smartphone brands in Ghana, has come a long way since its emergence in 2006. 

The company has been fighting for market share in Africa with giants like Samsung and Apple through the release of affordable smartphones that beat the competition regularly. 

With its inroads into other markets around the world, the company is set to experience more growth and revenue.

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