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Popular Phones Mostly Used in Ghana

This article serves as a comprehensive guide, providing insights into the latest smartphones available in Ghana along with their respective prices.

In today’s society, smartphones have transitioned from mere communication devices to indispensable tools, particularly valued for their internet connectivity and high-speed performance.

As the demand for smartphones continues to rise, individuals seek devices that not only meet their communication needs but also offer efficient internet access and seamless functionality.

This has led to the popularity of various smartphone brands in Ghana, with users becoming increasingly reliant on these devices throughout their daily lives.

The smartphone market in Ghana encompasses a diverse range of brands, from budget-friendly options accessible to a wide demographic to high-end models that represent a significant investment.

Notably, the prevalence of both Android and iPhones is evident, with users making choices based on their preferences and requirements.

In this article, we present a compilation of some of the most sought-after smartphone brands in Ghana.

Whether you are in search of an affordable option or a premium device, this guide aims to assist you in making an informed decision about your next smartphone purchase.

Let’s delve into the details of the latest smartphones and their corresponding prices, ensuring you stay abreast of the dynamic landscape of mobile technology in Ghana.


In Ghana, it is nearly impossible to traverse the landscape without encountering individuals who own a Samsung smartphone.

Samsung has solidified its position as one of the most popular and widely recognized smartphone brands in the country.

The ubiquity of Samsung devices is a testament to the brand’s consistent delivery of cutting-edge technology and its commitment to bringing the latest phones to the Ghanaian market.

Samsung’s expansive range of smartphones caters to individuals across the financial spectrum, making it accessible to a diverse demographic.

Whether one seeks an affordable entry-level model or a high-end, premium device, Samsung’s diverse product lineup ensures that users of varying financial capacities can find a smartphone that aligns with their needs.

Navigating the current market for Samsung smartphones can be a daunting task, given the extensive array of models available.

The brand’s Galaxy series, in particular, boasts numerous options, presenting consumers with a plethora of choices.

It’s noteworthy that Samsung smartphones are available at a wide range of price points. From budget-friendly options starting at GHS 300 to flagship models that surpass the GHS 2000 mark, Samsung caters to a broad spectrum of consumer preferences and financial capacities.

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In essence, Samsung’s pervasive presence in Ghana’s smartphone landscape is a testament to its ability to meet the diverse needs and preferences of users, establishing itself as a brand synonymous with innovation and accessibility.


Apple stands as a prominent and highly sought-after smartphone brand in Ghana and worldwide. The allure of iPhones extends beyond mere functionality; it is often considered a symbol of achievement, with many individuals aspiring to own an iPhone as a testament to their success.

The iPhone’s reputation for being among the most expensive smartphones in Ghana is attributable to its exceptional features, particularly its advanced camera capabilities and a reputation for safeguarding user privacy. The pricing spectrum for iPhones is wide, with options available to cater to various budget considerations.

For those with a budget of GHS 500, an iPhone 5 may be within reach. However, to acquire the latest models, such as the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, a budget exceeding GHS 5000 may be necessary.

The perennial debate between iPhone and Android users, arguing the merits of each, has persisted. To provide a conclusive perspective on this ongoing discourse, we have authored an article that comprehensively addresses and concludes the debate.

Interested readers are encouraged to explore the insights presented in the article for a nuanced understanding of the iPhone versus Android debate.


Infinix has established itself as a noteworthy player in the smartphone industry, particularly celebrated for providing affordable yet feature-rich options for individuals on a budget.

Notably, Infinix phones are esteemed for their impressive battery life, allowing users to enjoy extended usage without the need for frequent recharging, a feature that sets them apart from other smartphones in the market.

Originating from the same company that once held Tecno, Infinix shares a corporate lineage with its counterpart.

Despite their shared history, the two brands engage in healthy competition within the Ghanaian market, each catering to distinct consumer preferences and budget considerations.

Infinix’s commitment to affordability is exemplified by the fact that individuals with a budget of GHS 500 can readily acquire a capable and dependable Infinix smartphone.

The brand’s accessibility, coupled with its focus on delivering value for money, has contributed to its popularity among a broad demographic of users.

Among the diverse lineup of the Infinix series, the Note series has emerged as a favorite for many. Its notable features and performance capabilities make it a compelling option for those seeking a reliable smartphone experience.

For a more in-depth exploration of Infinix’s latest offering, the Note 8, readers are encouraged to delve into additional resources providing detailed insights into its specifications and capabilities.

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Tecno has secured a noteworthy position in the Ghanaian mobile industry, gaining popularity since its introduction to the market.

The Android smartphone brand has experienced significant growth, owing in part to its commitment to offering some of the most affordable smartphones in Ghana.

This accessibility has played a pivotal role in contributing to Tecno’s widespread popularity, as it caters to a broad spectrum of consumers, making smartphone ownership achievable for virtually anyone.

While Tecno may not boast the premium features found in Samsung and Apple devices, it has firmly established itself as a reliable choice, particularly for those operating within budget constraints.

The brand’s ability to provide cost-effective smartphones without compromising on essential functionalities has endeared it to a diverse user base.

Tecno’s recent release, the Spark 7, further exemplifies the brand’s dedication to delivering compelling options for users.

For a comprehensive exploration of the Tecno Spark 7, readers are encouraged to explore an article that delves into every aspect of the smartphone, providing valuable insights for those considering it as their next mobile device.


Itel may not currently hold the title of being one of the most popular smartphone brands, but its presence is steadily growing, particularly in the budget smartphone segment.

Itel has carved a niche for itself by primarily offering budget-friendly smartphones, making mobile technology accessible to a broader demographic.

With an entry price as low as GHS 300, Itel has positioned itself as an affordable option for individuals seeking a brand-new smartphone on a budget.

While it’s important to note that these devices may not offer the extensive features found in premium brands like Samsung or Apple, they do provide the essentials, catering to the fundamental needs of users.

Itel’s commitment to affordability aligns with the understanding that for many users, having a reliable smartphone at an accessible price point is a priority.

As the brand continues to gain recognition, its presence in the Ghanaian smartphone market is expected to grow, offering users additional options in the budget smartphone category.


Huawei has indeed garnered a significant level of popularity in Ghana, and its standing in the market is comparable to that of Tecno.

Huawei’s smartphones are well-regarded for their overall performance, placing them slightly above some of their competitors, including Tecno.

Although Huawei devices may come with a relatively higher price tag compared to Tecno smartphones, users often find value in the enhanced features and performance they offer.

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Beyond the Ghanaian market, Huawei has established a substantial global presence, a testament to its success in delivering smartphones that cater to diverse consumer needs.

This international recognition further contributes to Huawei’s stature and reinforces its position as a formidable player in the global smartphone industry.

In Ghana, Huawei has successfully made its mark, with a fair number of users choosing Huawei mobile smartphones.

This adoption reflects the brand’s ability to resonate with consumers by delivering reliable and high-performance devices.

As Huawei continues to innovate and introduce new models to the market, its influence and popularity are expected to persist, shaping the choices of smartphone users in Ghana and beyond.


Nokia has been in Ghana for decades now, and they are still one of the most famous smartphone makers in the country. As a result, Nokia can be likened to a legend in Ghana in the mobile industry.
It is safe to say that most people are well aware and have seen the smartphone brands mentioned in this article. The names mentioned above are the most popular smartphone brands in Ghana.

There are undoubtedly other brands in the market that were not discussed here because they are not that popular. These are brands whose presence can be felt almost anywhere, especially in phone shops.


The smartphone market is continually evolving, with an influx of new brands and models, including notable entrants like Poco Xiaomi and other innovative Chinese brands.

These newcomers bring a fresh perspective to the industry, introducing smartphones with extraordinary features that capture the attention of consumers.

As we witness this dynamic landscape, we anticipate featuring these emerging brands in future articles, much like we have highlighted Samsung, iPhone, and Infinix phones.

The technological advancements and diverse offerings in the smartphone market provide an exciting narrative for enthusiasts and consumers alike.

In this article, we’ve navigated through the latest smartphones available in Ghana, delving into their prices and elucidating the reasons why each device could be a compelling choice for potential users.

We aim to provide valuable insights to assist readers in making informed decisions when considering their next smartphone purchase.

We trust that you have found today’s article enlightening and informative. Your continued visits to this site are appreciated, and we look forward to sharing more technological updates and insights in the future.

Stay tuned for the latest developments in the world of smartphones and technology.


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