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Popular Phones Mostly Used in Ghana

This article will walk you through all the latest phones in Ghana and their prices so you know the next phone to go for when you decide to get yourself a new smartphone.

In today’s world, the use of smartphones has become a huge necessity. However, the majority of people do not just need a phone.

They need a smartphone that can access the internet and work fast, and that is what they go to the various phone shops to purchase.

Most people have even become addicted to their smartphones to the extent that they are seen using them almost every minute of the day.

There are a lot of smartphone brands that have become very popular in Ghana at the moment.

Wherever you go, it is not surprising to see people using mobile phones made by these brands.

Most of these are budget smartphones that most people can purchase, while others are expensive high-end smartphones that cost a plot of land (i know you know we are talking about android and iPhones).
In this article, we have compiled some of the most popular smartphone brands in Ghana. So let’s get to it.


You can no way live in Ghana and boldly say that you have not seen anyone with a Samsung smartphone. Then it is either you are still an infant, or you are not actually in Ghana.

Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone brands in Ghana, and if you are looking for the brand that always brings the latest phones in Ghana, then Samsung is one brand that is known to be feeding its users around the world with the latest phones.

Every corner of the country has people who own a Samsung gadget.

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Due to Samsung phones having an extensive array of smartphones on the market, it has made it possible for people of all financial strengths to get their hands on a smartphone.

Don’t even try to count the number of Samsung smartphone models on the market at the moment.

You might end up with a headache because there are many Samsung Galaxy phones that you will even find challenging to choose from.

There are Samsung smartphones that you can have for as little as GHS 300. However, if you think you made enough money from the recent gig you did and need something you can flex with, Samsung can gladly sell you a phone that costs more than GHS 2000.


Together with Samsung, Apple is also one of the most popular smartphone brands in Ghana and the whole world.

Most people who see themselves as having made it in life mostly go for an iPhone when they feel the need to buy a brand new phone.

iPhones are also probably the most expensive smartphones in Ghana because the phone boasts of having the best camera and being the best phone to use if you value your privacy.

GHS 500 will possibly get you an iPhone 5, while you will need more than GHS 5000 if you want the latest phones such as the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

There has been a never-ending debate between iPhone and Android on which one is the best phone to use, we have an article ending that debate, you can check it out.


Infinix has made its way into the industry since its arrival and is now regarded as one of the best affordable phones to have when you are on a budget.

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Aside from this, Infinix phones are considered one of the best smartphones that come with a good battery and can be used for days without charging compared to the other smartphones.

Infinix is owned by the company that sued to hold Tecno, which sort of makes them mobile siblings.

However, that does not stop them from having real competition in the Ghanaian market. Anyone with a budget of GHS 500 can get a decent Infinix smartphone.

One of my favorite Infinix series is the Note series, you can read about their new Note 8 phone here.


Tecno follows Infinix in terms of popularity in the Ghanaian mobile industry. The android mobile smartphone brand has grown decently since its inception in the Ghanaian market.

This is because they have one of the most affordable smartphones in Ghana, and this helps contribute to their popularity as almost anyone can purchase a smartphone from them.

Although it may not have the best features found on Samsung phones and Apple, it is still one of the best smartphones out there that you can get if you are on a budget.

Tecno just released a new smartphone which is the Spark 7, and we have an article covering everything you need to know about the Tecno Spark 7.


Certainly not one of the most popular at the moment, but they are certainly getting there. Itel is mainly known for its budget smartphones. With as low as GHS 300, you can get a brand new Itel smartphone.

Don’t expect to get all the features you will find on a Samsung or Apple for that price. But you will undoubtedly get the basics, which matters in the long run.

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Huawei has become relatively popular in Ghana and can be ranked alongside Tecno in terms of popularity. However, Huawei phones seem to be a bit above Tecno in regards to their overall performance.

Their phones are also a bit more expensive than Tecno smartphones. Huawei also has a massive presence in the global market, unlike Tecno.

In Ghana, they have made a mark as a fair number of people use Huawei mobile smartphones.


Nokia has been in Ghana for decades now, and they are still one of the most famous smartphone makers in the country. As a result, Nokia can be likened to a legend in Ghana in the mobile industry.
It is safe to say that most people are well aware and have seen the smartphone brands mentioned in this article. The names mentioned above are the most popular smartphone brands in Ghana.

There are undoubtedly other brands in the market that were not discussed here because they are not that popular. These are brands whose presence can be felt almost anywhere, especially in phone shops.


There are plenty of smartphones making their way on the market, we even see more Chinese brands like Poco Xiaomi and many more bringing in new phones with extraordinary features.

We hope soon, we will be writing about them just like how we have been talking about Samsung, iPhone, and Infinix phones.

In this article, we went through the latest phones in ghana, their prices, and why you should get each one of them if you are looking for the following phone to use.

We hope you guys enjoyed today’s article. Please keep visiting this site for more technological enlightenment.

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