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How To Reduce Recycle Bin Disk Space On Your Computer

Anyone who has been using the Windows 10 operating system for some time would have seen that the storage space on the computer quickly gets filled by the operating system.

This can be a problem but as usual, there is always a way to fix such problems. Windows comes with some built-in tools that can be used to fix the problem.

Some of these built-in tools are Storage senseDisk defragmenterDisk cleanup, and several others.

All these are used for cleaning junk files from the computer. But what about files that have been stored in the recycle bin?

You already know that when you delete any file from your computer, it goes straight to the recycle bin in case you may want it back again.

This is because you could mistakenly delete an important file or folder (so make sure to always check the recycle bin before you empty it).

However, if the files in the recycle bin are not emptied, you will have the space that you were looking for back.

Some people do not empty they are recycled bins regularly and since the recycle bin has a big space allocated to it, they will not know until it has been able to amass over 20GB of junk before they become aware.

There is however a way you can avoid this. This can be done by reducing the space size allocated to the recycle bin and I will be showing just how you can do that.

How To Reduce Recycle Bin Space

Follow the steps listed below to reduce the storage size of the recycle bin.

  1. Right-click on the recycle bin icon. It is normally seen on the top left corner of the screen by default
  2. Now, click on the properties
  3. Choose ‘customize size’
  4. In the fields provided, enter the size that you want
  5. You will also see an option that says ‘do not move files to recycle bin’ it is not advisable to choose this option unless you know exactly what you are doing. Choosing this option will delete all files permanently without sending them to the recycle bin. This can be dangerous if you accidentally delete an important file or folder.
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Now you are done. You have assigned a new storage size to the recycle bin. As you can see, it is quite simple to do.

Make sure to always check inside the recycle bin before you permanently delete the files from it so that you do not lose any important files.


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