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How To Use Your iPad As A Second Windows Display With The New Astropad Luna Display

If you are one of those people who have been juggling multiple setups in your office or home, then Astropad is about to solve some of your technological problems.

Maybe you are one of those whose work requires you to have a second display on your windows monitor. This can become tough when you cannot get your hands on a second monitor. 

For such people who use windows, Astropad has updated its Luna Display wireless dongles for you. The Luna Display wireless dongles now come with support for Windows computers. This means that Windows users can now effectively use their apple iPad and even their mac devices as an external monitor for their windows computer.

The Luna Display was only compatible with Apple devices before this latest development. This allowed Apple users to use their iPad and mac as a second external display without the need for any wires. The system worked wirelessly. The Luna Display is now available for windows computer users. 

Connecting Windows To Mac

The Luna Display 5.0 is now available. According to AstroPad, the only update is not support the device now offers. It comes with some improvements for mac users as well. Users using the M1 macs will now be able to experience an even better and faster setup flow. 

Requirements For Using iPad As A Second Display For Windows

You will need to meet some requirements before you can use your iPad as a second display for your windows computer through the AstroPad Luna Display. 

  1. The AstroPad Luna Display requires the following:
  2. Windows 10, 64 bit build 1809 and above
  3. iPadOS 12.1
  4. wifi network of 802.11 or wired ethernet
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The new upgrade will now make it easier for Windows users who use pads to use them to aid in their work by working as a second display to their windows computers. The AStroPad Luna Display is available in both USB-C and HDMI varieties.

However, you can use only USB-C with a mac and windows pc. People who already have the USB-C connectors can upgrade to the new AstroPad 5.0 to use with their mac and windows pc.

According to AstroPad, you can now use the apple pencil on your windows device due to the upgrade. This can be useful if you work in the field of architecture and other areas that require you to draw and make sketches often or if you are an artist who likes to draw digitally.

You can buy the AstroPad Luna Display for GHS 730.66 on Amazon and other online shopping malls.


With the new AstroPad Luna Display 5.0, you can now easily connect your iPad to your Windows computer and turn it into a second display to ease your work. This is quite the upgrade that a lot of people have been waiting for. You should grab an AstroPad Luna Display now before they all sell out.     

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