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How To Use Your iPad As A Second Windows Display With The New Astropad Luna Display

For individuals managing multiple setups in their office or home, Astropad presents a solution to streamline technological challenges.

Specifically designed to address the need for an additional display on Windows monitors, Astropad has introduced an update to its Luna Display wireless dongles.

This enhancement is particularly valuable for those whose professional tasks demand a secondary display on their Windows setup, especially when obtaining a physical second monitor is impractical.

Traditionally compatible exclusively with Apple devices, the Luna Display wireless dongles have undergone an expansion to now include support for Windows computers.

This means that Windows users can seamlessly utilize their Apple iPad and Mac devices as external monitors for their Windows computers, eliminating the need for a physical second monitor.

Previously functioning solely within the Apple ecosystem, Luna Display’s wireless capabilities enabled Apple users to employ their iPad and Mac as additional external displays without the constraints of wired connections.

With this recent development, Luna Display has extended its compatibility to cater to the needs of Windows computer users, providing a versatile and wireless solution for expanding display options.

Connecting Windows To Mac

Astropad’s Luna Display 5.0 is now accessible, and it brings more than just expanded device support.

In addition to widening its compatibility, the latest version introduces notable enhancements for Mac users.

Notably, individuals utilizing M1 Macs will now benefit from an improved and expedited setup flow, promising a more efficient and faster experience.

This update underscores Astropad’s commitment to refining user experiences, ensuring that advancements in compatibility are complemented by optimizations tailored for specific hardware configurations.

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Users with M1 Macs can anticipate a smoother and quicker setup process, contributing to an enhanced overall performance when leveraging Luna Display 5.0.

Requirements For Using iPad As A Second Display For Windows

You will need to meet some requirements before you can use your iPad as a second display for your Windows computer through the AstroPad Luna Display. 

  1. The AstroPad Luna Display requires the following:
  2. Windows 10, 64-bit build 1809 and above
  3. iPadOS 12.1
  4. wifi network of 802.11 or wired ethernet

The new upgrade will now make it easier for Windows users who use pads to use them to aid in their work by working as a second display to their Windows computers. The AStroPad Luna Display is available in both USB-C and HDMI varieties.

However, you can use only USB-C with a Mac and Windows PC. People who already have the USB-C connectors can upgrade to the new AstroPad 5.0 to use with their Mac and Windows PCs.

According to AstroPad, you can now use the Apple pencil on your Windows device due to the upgrade.

This can be useful if you work in the field of architecture and other areas that require you to draw and make sketches often or if you are an artist who likes to draw digitally.

You can buy the AstroPad Luna Display for GHS 730.66 on Amazon and other online shopping malls.


The recently launched AstroPad Luna Display 5.0 brings a transformative upgrade, allowing seamless connectivity between your iPad and Windows computer.

This innovative capability enables users to effortlessly transform their iPad into a secondary display, enhancing productivity and workflow.

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Given the anticipated demand for this significant enhancement, acquiring an AstroPad Luna Display promptly is advisable before potential stock depletion.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your workspace and elevate your work efficiency with this latest advancement.

Secure your AstroPad Luna Display now to unlock the benefits of an extended and versatile computing setup.

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