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Prices Of Fufu Blender And Pounding Machines In Ghana

This article is going to cover fufu blender prices in Ghana and the prices of all the various fufu pounding machines in Ghana, we will also cover their specs, and why you should buy each of them.

Are you having a hard time using the traditional fufu pistol to pound your fufu every Sunday?

Well, that should not be the case in today’s technologically advanced world. today, man has been able to go deep into his mind and abilities to create things to perform tasks that he cannot do physically.

There are machines for almost any task that you could think so, no matter how easy they may seem.

Today, we will be showing you some fufu blending and pounding machines along with their various prices so that you can get yourself one and join the upgraded world.

Since fufu is among the most popular food in the country, it is natural that a device to facilitate its preparation will be thought up by someone and become a reality to serve that purpose.

The machines for preparing fufu easily can be found all over the Ghanaian market and we will be showing some of these machines along with their prices.

No longer do you need to stop eating your favorite food just because the process involved in preparing it is very long.

You should keep in mind that the models listed here are the ones that we can bring to your attention.

Price Of Fufu Blender Machine

The price of a fufu blender machine ranges from GHS 299 to GHS 2,350, the price is determined by the size you want and where you are buying from.

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However, there are several other models available all over the market that you can get. Let us take a look at these model machines.

Rico YP-103 Fufu/Yam pounder

Rico YP-103 Fufu Yam pounder

This machine comes with a 700-watt motor and it can be used to pound both cassava and yam.

There is a free grinder attached when you purchase it and that grinder can be used for grinding several things such as coffee, nuts, and many other spices.

This machine is also waterproof. One can use it commercially or just for home use alone.

Price Of Rico YP-103 Fufu/Yam pounder

Price: GHS 535

Vizio 413 FMW Multifunctional Food Pounder

Vizio 413 FMW Multifunctional Food Pounder

This food pounder is powered by a 750-watt motor and also comes in a waterproof body. It can also be used to pound both cassava and yam effectively.

It is a very portable machine that can be used anywhere whether indoors or outdoors. This is an efficient and long-lasting machine that is also very durable.

Price Of Vizio 413 FMW Multifunctional Food Pounder

Price: GHS 299

Mikachi 412 Yam And Fufu Pounder

Mikachi 412 Yam And Fufu Pounder

With power coming from a 750-watt motor and having a waterproof body, this is a pounding machine that can be used easily.

It comes with a steady indicator and has durability and efficiency. It also lasts longer than most other food pounders out there on the market.

You can use this machine to pound both yam and cassava.

Price Of Mikachi 412 Yam And Fufu Pounder

Price: GHS 295.

Commercial Electric Fufu Machine

Commercial Electric Fufu Machine

This machine is produced right here in Ghana by a company known as LM Machines. This fufu pounding machine is an electric one that is used for preparing fufu.

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It gives a smooth result of fufu which is without any bumps and can be served to people with any kind of soup that is available.

It comes with a three-prong power cable that can be connected to any wall power outlet easily without any hassle.

This cable also minimizes the chances of the user getting shocked by electricity. The machine uses a standard 220V/50HZ electrical supply outlet.

One thing users have to keep in mind if they opt for this machine is that, whenever they are using it, they should plug it into its power outlet.

The machine is made up of a hat that is fixed to guide the raw material cassava into the machine itself where the pounding will take place.

This also prevents the fufu from getting contaminated. The motor of the machine has also been covered up with a metal plate to avoid particles entering it to cause any damage to the machine.

You can place the machine on the grind to use it without having any worries. It will not need any form of balancing to be placed on the ground and the user can set the machine up easily at their various locations.

Price Of Commercial Electric Fufu Machine

Price: GHS 2,350,00    


With these machines, you will be able to pound cassava and yam easily so that you can prepare your favorite fufu every Sunday if you miss church.

You can find these models all over the Ghanaian market to buy. The last fufu machine mentioned in this article is designed for commercial use and not specifically for home use.

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I am sure that you were surprised that its price had jumped up compared to the others.

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