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Samsung Fridge Prices In Ghana

Are you in search of Samsung refrigerator prices in Ghana? Refrigerators stand as indispensable consumer electronics in our daily lives, playing a crucial role in preserving food items and beverages. Imagine life without these essential appliances.

Refrigerators find application in various settings, including homes, cold stores, eateries, pubs, offices, hotels, and even modern vehicles equipped with mini-fridges.

Their versatility extends to the preservation of food, fruits, vegetables, and the chilling of beverages and water.

The significance of refrigerators becomes evident in their capacity to save both money and time. Bulk purchases of foodstuffs become a practical option, preventing spoilage and ensuring a constant supply of chilled items.

Individuals with demanding schedules benefit from preparing a variety of dishes during leisure, conveniently storing them for quick and easy reheating in a microwave.

This not only saves time but also alleviates the stress of preparing meals after a long day of work.

When contemplating the purchase of a refrigerator, it’s crucial to prioritize quality over affordability. The performance of a refrigerator hinges on its adherence to stringent quality standards.

In this regard, Samsung stands out as a brand that seamlessly combines quality and affordability. Consider exploring the range of refrigerators offered by Samsung for a reliable and efficient cooling solution.

About Samsung

Samsung, a multinational company based in South Korea, has established itself as a dominant force in the electronics market, producing a diverse range of products including smartphones, televisions, laptops, refrigerators, air conditioners, and more.

Renowned for its commitment to quality and affordability, Samsung has garnered a global preference among consumers.

This widespread appeal is a testament to the brand’s consistent delivery of reliable and reasonably priced goods.

In the realm of refrigerators, Samsung offers a variety of models, each with distinct features and pricing. Among them are upright refrigerators, characterized by two sections, a freezer compartment for storing food items and a refrigerator section typically used for beverages and water.

Samsung’s product line also includes deep freezers, commonly found in modern kitchens and cold stores, as well as display fridges, frequently employed in restaurants, pubs, hotels, and similar establishments.

The diverse array of sizes, designs, and shapes in which these refrigerators are available contributes to variations in pricing.

It’s worth noting that the capacities of these refrigerators, measured in liters (l), primarily determine their prices.

As consumers explore Samsung’s refrigerator offerings, they can expect a range of options to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Samsung Fridge Types

There are several varieties of both Samsung freezers and Fridges with unique features. Some models are:

  • Samsung Table Top Fridge
  • Samsung Bottom freezer
  • Samsung under-counter refrigerator
  • Samsung Top Freezer
  • Samsung Side by side-by-side refrigerator
  • Samsung Duracool Fridge
  • Samsung French Door Smart Hub 
  • Samsung Cross Door fridge
  • Samsung Top Mounted Double Door Fridge.
  • Samsung Upright Freezer
  • And many more

This article is going to feature a list of Samsung Refrigerators with their specifications and their respective prices. 

we’ll also look at some top Electronic Appliances Shops in the country where you can purchase a Samsung Refrigerator.

Why Go For Samsung Fridge?

Product Affordability

In comparison to other companies, Samsung products are notably more affordable across their diverse range.

What sets Samsung apart is its commitment to originality, offering consumers a sense of reliability and peace of mind.

When you invest in a Samsung fridge, concerns about potential faults become minimal.

Samsung’s dedication to producing high-quality goods ensures that their refrigerators, among other products, are built with durability and performance in mind.

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This emphasis on craftsmanship and innovation contributes to the brand’s reputation for creating products that stand the test of time.

Choosing a Samsung fridge means not only gaining access to an affordable option but also enjoying the assurance that comes with a product known for its reliability and minimal likelihood of malfunctions.

This combination of affordability and dependability positions Samsung as a favorable choice for consumers seeking a trustworthy and cost-effective solution for their refrigeration needs.

Energy Savings

While Samsung appliances, including refrigerators, are designed with energy efficiency in mind, it’s essential to note that the extent of energy efficiency can vary among different models.

Samsung, as a company, emphasizes incorporating energy-saving technologies into its products to reduce operational costs for consumers.

Energy-efficient appliances contribute to lower electricity bills, making them a practical and cost-effective choice for consumers.

However, the specific energy efficiency of a Samsung refrigerator would depend on the model, features, and technologies integrated into that particular appliance.

To ensure optimal energy efficiency, consumers are encouraged to look for specific energy-saving features, such as inverter compressors, LED lighting, and smart temperature control systems, when selecting a Samsung refrigerator.

By doing so, individuals can make informed choices that align with their preferences for energy-efficient and cost-effective home appliances.

Price Range Of Samsung Fridges

the price of Samsung fridges ranges from GHS 1,500 to GHS 9,000 across all Samsung stores and other retail stores in Ghana. The price is also determined by the type of fridge and where you are buying from.

Hisense Refrigerators With Their Specifications And Prices In Ghana

Samsung RR18T1001SA Fridge Silver

Samsung RR18T1001SA Fridge Silver

The Samsung refrigerator boasts a truly distinctive Crown design, offering consumers a range of color options to suit individual preferences.

The appliance features a softly curved, round-top shape with clean lines, presenting a sleek and elegant addition to any kitchen.

The absence of extra doors further enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

Beyond its aesthetic charm, the refrigerator is equipped with stabilizer-free operation technology, ensuring steady and reliable performance.

This feature is particularly noteworthy as it safeguards the appliance from electrical damage or shorting in the event of voltage fluctuations.

The result is a refrigerator that not only adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen but also operates with stability and resilience, providing peace of mind in the face of varying electrical conditions.

Price Of Samsung RR18T1001SA Fridge Silver

The price of Samsung RR18T1001SA Fridge Silver is GHS 3,899 across all Samsung stores across Ghana.



  • Gross Total (Liter):185 L
  • Net Total (Liter):176 L

Physical specification

  • Net Dimension (WxHxD)(mm): 519 x 1244 x 520 mm
  • Net Width (mm): 519 mm
  • Net Case Height with Hinge (mm): 1244 mm
  • Packing Dimension (WxHxD)(mm): 545 x 1332 x 568 mm
  • Net Weight (kg)33 kg
  • Packing Weight: 36 kg

Cooling Feature

Cooling Type: Direct Cooling

Refrigerator Feature

  • Number of Shelves (Total): 3 EA
  • Shelf Material: Tempered Glass
  • Number of Vegetable & Fruit Drawers: 1 EA
  • Number of Door Pocket: 3 EA
  • Egg Container: Yes
  • Interior Light: LED

General Feature

  • Compressor: AC
  • Refrigerant: R600A

Exterior Feature

Display & Control (Fridge Only): Knob

Door Handle: Recess

Colour: Metal Graphite

Samsung Fridge RT28HAR4DSA 280L Silver

Samsung Fridge RT28HAR4DSA 280L Silver

This refrigerator stands out for its energy-efficient design, consuming significantly less energy compared to older models.

By opting for this appliance, consumers can maximize their electricity savings and realize cost benefits without compromising on the desired features.

The commitment to energy efficiency not only aligns with modern sustainability goals but also reflects a practical approach, allowing users to enjoy the functionalities they desire while minimizing their environmental impact and reducing utility expenses.

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Price Of Samsung Fridge RT28HAR4DSA 280L Silver

The price of Samsung Fridge RT28HAR4DSA 280L Silver is GHS6,199 across all Samsung retail stores in Ghana.


  • Capacity (Ltr): 280 LTR


  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Door Locks and Alarms: Yes
  • Door Style: Double door
  • Interior Light: Yes
  • LED Displays: No

Operating Mode

  • Quiet: Yes
  • Temperature Controls: Yes
  • Convenience
  • Shelves: 4
  • Drawers: 1
  • Water Dispenser: No

Samsung 310L Fridge- RT31HAR4DSA Silver

Samsung 310L Fridge- RT31HAR4DSA Silver

This refrigerator is engineered with a focus on energy efficiency, surpassing the consumption levels of older models.

By choosing this appliance, you not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also enjoy substantial savings on your electricity bills.

The reduced energy usage allows you to maximize your dollar savings without compromising on the features you value in a refrigerator.

This thoughtful combination of efficiency and functionality makes it a prudent choice for those seeking both economic and environmental benefits in their home appliances.

Price Of Samsung 310L Fridge- RT31HAR4DSA Silver

the price of Samsung 310L Fridge- RT31HAR4DSA Silver is GHS 7,599 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.


Key Features

  • Capacity: 310 Litre
  • Recessive handle
  • Wire shelf
  • Door balcony
  • Outside condenser
  • Lock & key
  • Light
  • Silver VCM

Other Features

  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Reversible Door: Yes
  • Door lock: Optional
  • Handle Type & Material: Recessed / ABS
  • Door Panel Material & Color: VCM SILVER
  • Cabinet Color: White

Fridge Compartment

  • Evaporator Type: Hidden
  • Defrost: Automatic
  • Interior Lamp: Yes/10W
  • Adjustable shelf type/number: wire/3
  • Crisper cover type/number: Glass / 1
  • Crisper Drawer Material / Number / Color: PS / 1 / transparent
  • Door Balcony Material /Number /Color: PS / 3 / transparent
  • Door Rack Number Material /Number /Color: No
  • Beverage bottle bin: 2.0 Litre

Freezer Compartment

  • Freezer Rating: 4 Star: -18℃
  • Freezing Capacity: 4.0 kg/24h
  • Evaporator Type: Hidden
  • Defrost: Manual
  • Freezer Drawer Type / Number / Color: No
  • Freezer Flap Type / Number / Color: No
  • Ice Cube Tray: No
  • Freezer shelf (Material/No.): Wire / 1 / white


  • Voltage: 220-240v/50Hz
  • Power Input (watt): 90

Samsung 270L Bottom Freezer Refrigerator + Free Sencor Sbl 2215Vt Smoothie Maker

Samsung 270L Bottom Freezer Refrigerator + Free Sencor Sbl 2215Vt Smoothie Maker

This refrigerator not only excels in energy efficiency but also minimizes noise and reduces wear and tear, ensuring a longer-lasting performance.

With a guaranteed 21-year lifespan certified by VDE, the authorized certification committee in Europe, it stands as a testament to its durability and reliability.

One notable feature is the Power Deodorizer, equipped with Activated Carbon elements that filter the air inside the fridge, effectively eliminating unpleasant odors.

This technology helps keep the air clean and fresh, preserving the flavor of your food for an extended period.

For those considering a purchase, the Samsung 270L Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, inclusive of a Free Sencor Sbl 2215Vt Smoothie Maker, is priced at GHS 8,399.00.

This offer is available across all Samsung stores in Ghana, providing consumers with both a high-quality refrigerator and a complimentary smoothie maker at an attractive price point.


Physical specification

  • Net Width (mm):595
  • Net Case Height with Hinge (mm):1580
  • Net Case Height without Hinge (mm):1560
  • Net Depth with Door Handle (mm):663
  • Net Depth without Door Handle (mm):663
  • Net Depth without Door (mm):590
  • Packing Width (mm):629
  • Packing Height (mm):1665
  • Packing Depth (mm):704
  • Net Weight (kg):55
  •  Packing Weight (kg):59
  • Cooling Type: All-Around Cooling

Refrigerator Feature

  • Deodorizer: Yes
  • Number of Shelves (Total): 3
  • Spill Proof: Yes
  • Number of Doors: Pocket2
  • Egg Container (Egg Tray): Yes
  • Optimal Fresh Zone: Yes
  • Interior Light: LED
  • Shelf Material: Tempered Glass
  • Power Cool Function: Yes

Freezer Feature

  • Number of Shelf (Total):1
  • Number of Drawers: 2
  • Ice Tray: Yes
  • Refrigerant: R600a

Exterior Feature

  • Display Type: Internal (Ice Blue)
  • Door Handle: Recess
  • Color: Elegant Inox


  • Energy Star Rating: 2 Star

Samsung 500 Ltrs Side By Side Fridge With Water Dispenser And Mini Bar

Samsung 500 Ltrs Side By Side Fridge With Water Dispenser And Mini Bar

The Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator stands as an excellent choice for those in search of a double-door fridge for their home.

Notably, Samsung incorporates a Digital Inverter Compressor with 7 adjustable speeds, catering to various cooling demands.

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This technology ensures a more consistent temperature, reduces wear and tear on the compressor for enhanced durability, lowers electric bills, and maintains minimal noise levels.

For those interested in this advanced refrigerator model, the Samsung 500 Ltrs Side Side Fridge With Water Dispenser And Mini Bar is priced at GHS 19,650.00.

This offer is available across all Samsung stores in Ghana, providing consumers with a sophisticated and feature-rich option for their home refrigeration needs.


  • Capacity: 500 Liters
  • Refrigerator Type: Side By Side
  • Water Dispenser: Yes
  • Mini Bar: Yes
  • Ice Maker: Yes
  • Energy Saving: Yes
  • Frost Free
  • Color: Black

Samsung Retail Shops In Accra

  • Compu Ghana (Osu Mall, McKoffie House, Junction Mall, Marina Mall, Westhills Mall, East Legon)
  • Delvano East Legon
  • Electroland PBS, Spintex, Adabraka, Tema)
  • Gafkwa
  • Get 4 Less
  • His Majesty
  • Intact
  • KabFam Ghana
  • Kingbett
  • Kingtech
  • Melcom Accra

Samsung Shops In Kumasi

Samsung Retail Shops In Kumasi:

  • Franko Trading Kumasi
  • Jolie Phones
  • Oman Belin, Adum
  • Pat Thomas store, Kejetia & Adum.
  • Sumsung Plus, Adum
  • Super Lovek, Adum
  • Telefonika, Ahodwo

You can walk into any of the shops listed above and grab your Samsung fridges at discounted prices this festive season.

You can check various online stores such as CompuGhana, Good luck Africa, Jumia Ghana, Jiji GH, etc, and order your products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Samsung refrigerator better than LG?

Both LG and Samsung refrigerators are of good quality and would make an excellent addition to your kitchen. However, if you’re looking for top-notch designs and a more seamless look, a Samsung refrigerator might be your best choice.

What are the best refrigerator brands?

The answer is Samsung. It has become the preferred brand of household appliances in Ghana due to its high-quality and affordable products.

Is Samsung a good brand?

Samsung is consistently ranked one of the most reliable refrigerator brands by appliance industry experts.

Samsung refrigerator double door price in Ghana

The price of Samsung double-door fridges ranges from GHS 3,099 to GHS 5,099 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.

Samsung fridge freezer price in Ghana

The price of Samsung fridge freezer ranges from GHS 5,499 to GHS 7,499 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.

Samsung fridge with screen price in Ghana

The price of Samsung fridges with screens ranges from GHS 2,599 to GHS 3,599 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.

Samsung digital inverter fridge price in Ghana

The price of Samsung double digital inverter fridges ranges from GHS 3,099 to GHS 4,099 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.

Samsung french door refrigerator price in Ghana

The price of Samsung french door fridges ranges from GHS 2,599 to GHS 4,599 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.

Samsung smart fridge price in Ghana

The price of Samsung smart fridges ranges from GHS 2,755 to GHS 4,755 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.

Samsung tabletop fridge price in Ghana

The price of Samsung tabletop fridges ranges from GHS 1,599 to GHS 3,599 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.

Samsung side-by-side fridge price in Ghana

The price of Samsung side-by-side fridges ranges from GHS 3,599 to GHS 4,999 across all Samsung stores in Ghana.


This comprehensive article serves as a valuable guide for individuals considering the purchase of a refrigerator, with a specific focus on Samsung appliances.

In Ghana, Samsung and Hisense are recognized as two prominent brands known for offering top-quality fridges.

Within the scope of this article, various topics have been explored, including a detailed list of Samsung Refrigerators along with their specifications and prices in Ghana. Additionally, readers are informed about reliable stores where Samsung products, including refrigerators, can be purchased.

The article also addresses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide clarity on common queries.

For those seeking information on Hisense fridge prices in Ghana, a convenient link is provided, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the available options in the market.

This article aims to equip readers with all the essential details necessary for making an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a refrigerator, emphasizing the features and offerings of Samsung appliances in the Ghanaian market.

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