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All The Hisense Showrooms And Branches In Accra: Their Locations And How To Contact Them

Looking to find your way around Hisense’s showrooms in Accra? Need help picking out that perfect fridge or home appliance for a steal? Well, you’re in the right place! This guide is all-inclusive and will give you all you’re searching for about Hisense outlets in Accra.

Dive Into Hisense

You’ve maybe spotted a catchy Hisense advert in Accra and are keen on getting your hands on some of their super products. Picture this — you’re looking up ‘Hisense showroom near me’ and you stumble upon this guide.

Hisense, renowned for its premium quality appliances, is one of Ghana’s top appliance suppliers. They’ve won over Ghanaian hearts, especially in the capital city, Accra, for consistently delivering top-of-the-range devices.

Counting Hisense Outlets Across Accra

Did you know? There are currently over 14 Hisense showrooms across Ghana’s capital, Accra! As the sweet demand for sleek Hisense products rises, so does the number of Hisense outlets spread across the city.

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Tour The Hisense Showrooms in Accra

We believe in making your hunt for Hisense products as easy as possible. So here’s a list of all Hisense outlets in Accra:

  • Hisense Achimota Mall Showroom
  • Hisense Baatsona Showroom
  • Hisense Broadcasting Showroom
  • Hisense Accra Showroom
  • Hisense Dansoman Showroom
  • Hisense East Legon Showroom
  • Hisense North Industrial Area Showroom
  • Hisense Tema C1 Showroom
  • Hisense West Hills Mall Showroom (Recently opened!)
  • Hisense Tema C25 Showroom
  • Hisense Junction Mall Showroom
  • Hisense Kissieman Showroom
  • Hisense Kasoa Showroom
  • Hisense Lapaz Showroom

Hisense Ghana Showrooms In Accra

Now here are all the Hisense showrooms you can find in Accra, please go through and pick their contact information and make any inquiries.

Hisense Achimota Mall Showroom

hisense achimota mall
  • Location: Achimota mall
  • Contact: 0302550000
  • Website:

Hisense Broadcasting Showroom

hisense broadcasting showroom
  • Location: Mallam Kasoa road
  • Contact: 0302550000
  • Website:

Hisense Accra Showroom

hisense accra showroom
  • Location: Pagan Rd, Accra
  • Contact: 0302550000
  • Website:

Hisense Dansoman Showroom

hisense dansoman showroom

Hisense East Legon Showroom

hisense east legon showroom

Hisense North Industrial Area Showroom

hisense north industrial area showroom

Hisense Baatsona Showroom

hisense baatsona showroom
  • Location: Accra
  • Contact: 0302550000
  • Website:

Hisense Tema Community 1 Showroom

hisense tema showroom

Hisense Tema Community 25 Showroom

hisense showroom 2

Hisense West Hills Mall Showroom (Newly opened) 

hisense west hills mall showroom
  • Location: West Hills Mall
  • Contact: 0302550000
  • Website:

Hisense Junction Mall Showroom

hisense junction mall
  • Location: Nungua barrier
  • Contact: 0302550000
  • Website:
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Hisense Kissieman Showroom

hisense kissieman showroom
  • Location: Dome Road, Accra
  • Contact: 0302550000
  • Website:

Hisense Kasoa Showroom

hisense kasoa showroom
  • Location: N1, Road, Kasoa
  • Contact: 0302550000
  • Website:

Hisense Lapaz Showroom

hisense lapaz showroom

Hise Ghana Accra Showrooms Working Hours

Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Hisense Ghana Contact Numbers

  • 0302550000
  • 0574643281
  • 0545403536
  • 0500908540
  • 0362196394

Connect with Hisense Outlets

Linking up with the right Hisense showroom for your needs is also part of our grand plan. So, we’ve put together their contact details for your inquiries.

Hisense Social Media and Contact Info

Can’t get enough of Hisense and want to stay connected? Here are some of their essential contacts and social media handles:

Let’s Wrap It Up

And there you have it! You’re all equipped to hunt down the best deals on Hisense fridges, washing machines, TVs, and a host of other products across all Hisense showrooms in Accra. We’ve also hooked you up with the contact information for these showrooms, including locations, numbers, and website. Your Hisense shopping adventure starts here.

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