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DSTV Packages In Ghana, Subscription Prices And More

Are you someone who loves to get the best out of your TV by being able to access all the amazing programs out there, then we think the best place you will be able to get the best channels for your viewing pleasure is DSTV.

In today’s article, we will be looking at the packages of DSTV as well as their subscription prices.

DSTV comes with a lot of packages and each of these has a subscription rate attached to it. All you have to do is to select your choice from the three available packages.

Once you make a choice and you later feel like changing to experience another one, all you have to do is just switch to the other.

Most people in Ghana mainly subscribe to DSTV so that they can get to view some foreign channels that show their best movies.

Some of these channels are La Liga, the English Premier League, CNN, Supersports, BBC, Bundesliga, and many more. All these channels can be accessed in DSTV.

Packages And Channels

Ghanaians can choose between 6 subscription packages at the moment. The most expensive of these packages is the premium package which sits at the top with a rate of GHS 330 per month. The lowest of them however costs GHS 40 per month. 

Below are the 6 packages along with their monthly prices

DSTV Premium Package

This package sits at the top of all the packages and it is the most expensive. The premium packages come stacked with 185 channels of goodies.

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This channel has the best entertainment experience compared to the rest of the channels. The package comes with the best all-around entertainment and news that subscribers look for. 

Here are some of the channels on the premium package

  1. Discovery TLC entertainment
  2. Discovery IDx
  3. BBC Lifestyle
  4. Food network
  5. Boomerang
  6. Nickelodeon
  7. Disney junior
  8. CNC world
  9. EuroNews
  10. eTV Africa
  11. Adom TV

All these certainly do not come cheap as the DSTV premium package is the most expensive package with a price of GHS 330 on a monthly

DStv Compact PlusPpackage

This package allows the subscriber to get access to 172 channels for the duration of the subscription with 20 of them in the sports category.

Although the number is below that of the premium package, it is still enough for entertainment who cannot pay GHS 330 each month.

The channels to expect on this package include;

  1. Iroko music
  2. m-net action
  3. m-net movies all-stars
  4. studio universal
  5. ITV choice
  6. BBC Brit
  7. Lifetime entertainment
  8. CBS reality
  9. Sony max
  10. E! entertainment television
  11. AfricaMagic epic movies

Since this is a step down from the premium package, it also cost less at GHS 215 per month. 

DStv Compact Package

The compact package allows subscribers to access a variety of entertainment and programs.

This is more like a budget package as it comes with a monthly bill of GHS 145. This gives the subscriber 165 channels of pleasure.

DStv Family Package

 This package was designed to be able to accommodate the whole family in terms of entertainment. The whole family will have access to 139 channels of pure entertainment at an affordable rate all over the globe.

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The package was at a very affordable bill because this was made for a family and not just one person. It comes with monthly billing of GHS 80.

DSTV Access Package

This is an introductory package from DSTV to DSTV subscribers. This package has been designed to offer the best value for money.

You will have access to a wide range of movies and entertainment. It comes with a monthly billing of GHS 45 and has 124 channels in it.

DSTV Ghana Indian Bouquet Package

This package consists of mainly Indian content and it was specifically designed for the Kumkum Bhagha lovers.

The package ranges from dramas to documentaries and lifestyles. With more than 15 channels of Indian variety, this package costs GHS 135 per month.


There are two decoders that subscribers can purchase as well. These are the DSTV Explora and the HD Zapper decoder. The Explora allows subscribers 


As you can see, DSTV is the right place to get entertainment while you are in the comfort of your home. You can read our guide on how to fix a DStv remote.

For other DStv competitor packages, you can check out startimes packages and channels and multi-TV prices in Ghana.

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