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How To Change The Themes For Individual Chats On Telegram

Telegram has emerged as a prominent messaging application, steadily positioning itself as a robust competitor to WhatsApp, the widely acclaimed messaging platform on a global scale.

Distinguished by its unwavering commitment to privacy, Telegram aligns with WhatsApp as an instant messaging service.

It caters to a diverse user base spanning various mobile platforms, encompassing Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, aligning seamlessly with the accessibility features of WhatsApp.

A departure from its initial configuration, where users could universally modify default themes, a recent update from the developers introduces a significant enhancement.

This update empowers users to intricately customize chat themes for individual contacts, transcending the previous limitation confined to altering background settings.

To harness this advanced feature, ensuring that your Telegram app is running the latest version is imperative.

Once the update is complete, you can embark on the process of setting distinctive themes for different chats within your Telegram application.

The subsequent steps outlined below will serve as a comprehensive guide through this nuanced customization process.

How To Change Individual Themes For Each Telegram Chat

Below are the steps to change the themes of each app. 

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Telegram. If you know that you have not updated, then head over to the Play Store app and update the Telegram
  2. Open the app and then proceed to open any chat
  3. Tap on the three dots
  4. Now choose ‘change colors’
  5. Now choose a theme that you would like to implement
  6. After you have a theme that you would like, just tap on ‘apply theme’   
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And you are done. As you can see, changing the chat’s theme was quite easy. You can follow the same procedure for all the other chats that you wish to change their theme to what you prefer.

Note that your contacts who are running the newest version of Telegram will also be able to change the theme.

However, those who are not running the latest version will not be able to do so and they will not be able to see when you change a theme.


The ability to customize themes for individual chats on Telegram represents a valuable and empowering feature.

We trust that this guide has proven beneficial in facilitating a seamless experience for you in implementing these customization options.

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