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How To Locate Whatsapp Backup On Your iCloud

There may be a time when you wish to find your WhatsApp backup on your iCloud storage. The reasons for wanting to do that could be numerous and we understand that perfectly well. After you have backed up your WhatsApp data to iCloud, you can look for it if you wish to do so. Not only can you locate the WhatsApp backup data, but you will also be able to extract something from it if you want to. 

However, there is no actual function for this by apple. This means that you will have to make use of a third-party app to get what you are looking for. One third-party app you can use for this job is Dr. Fone-recovery (IOS).

You can also use this app to extract a previously taken iCloud or iTunes backup so that you can preview the contents using its interface. Below are the steps in how to use Dr. Fone – recover (IOS) third-party app to locate your iCloud backup.

How To Locate iCloud WhatsApp Backup Using A Third-party App. 

  1. Acquire the Dr. Fone – recover (IOS) app and open it. 
  2. Connect your ios device to your computer and choose the option to recover an IOS device from the home interface of the app
  3. From the sidebar, locate ‘options’ and then go to iCloud backup.log into your iCloud account where the former backup was stored
  4. After logging in with the Dr. Fone – recover (IOS), you will now be able to view the details of the backup files. Now choose the WhatsApp backup data you are looking for by selecting the iCloud backup that contains it
  5. You will be asked if you wish to download from the backup. Choose the WhatsApp feature, which consists of the chats and attachments of your WhatsApp backup to cut the time needed for the download shorter
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And you are done. After it has finished, you will be able to preview your WhatsApp chats and attachments from the interface of the app and save each one privately to your computer. Just click on the ‘recover’ button and you are good to go.


So this is how you can look at your WhatsApp chats and data after you have backed them up. Apple does not have any feature at the moment that allows you to view your backup on iCloud so you will need to use the third-party app recommended in this article for now. 

I hope this article has been useful to you. Please make sure to visit this site for more tutorials and anything about technology. 

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