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Surfline Ghana Mifi Prices, Where To Buy, Contact, And More

Surfline is a 4G Mi-Fi service provider in the Ghanaian cities of Accra, Tema, and Takoradi that was launched in August in the year 2014.

Surfline is one of the pioneers of 4g internet provision in Ghana. Their device is known for its internet speed and is regarded as one of the best when talking to people about 4g internet in Ghana.

The data bundles of Surfline are some of the best that you can get for a 4g internet connection.

They have two categories of data bundles one can buy and these are personal bundles and business bundles.

You can also purchase a 4G Surfline SIM card that can be used on a 4 G-enabled smartphone or if you do not have a 4 G-enabled phone, you can just go with the MiFi.

Surfline MiFi Price

If you are thinking about getting yourself a Surfline MiFi, then the guide here can help you plan accordingly.

There are two Surfline Mifi devices and a router on their online store as far as we know at the moment. They are the Surfline Maasela MiFi and the Surfline MiFi HTS

Surfline Maasela Mifi Price

This MiFi comes with a free SIM card and 15gig of data that stays valid for 3o days. It has a price tag of GHC 220.

  • It can connect up to 10 devices such as phones and computers.
  • It has a strong battery that can last for about 8 hours from a full charge and 12 hours while on standby. It also comes with an extra battery as well as a USB cable for charging.
  • Can connect a micro SD card.
  • It is a 4G-enabled device.
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Surfline Mi-Fi HTS Price

This device also comes with a free 4G SIM card and 15 gigs of free data. It has a price tag of GHC 275.

  •  It has a 150MB download speed.
  • A micro SD slot.
  • It also has a good battery that lasts up to 10 hours from a full charge and a standby time of 15 hours.
  • It can also connect up to 10 devices.

Surfline Router Price

The Surfline router is the most expensive one here with a price tag of GHC 499 and it is also a 4G-enabled device that can connect a lot of devices.

  • It can connect 32 devices and comes with 15gig of free data
  • Also comes with a  free SIM card and 4 LAN ports with LED indicators.
  • Has an internal antenna that helps to catch strong signals
  • It supports WE, WPA, and WPA2 WiFi security.

Where To Buy Surfline

You can purchase a Surfline MiFi or router at all Surfline shops as well as their authorized distributors.

How To Login

After getting your Surfline device, you will need to login into your device dashboard. There is a guide on the package you buy that will guide you on how to login into your device with all the relevant information.

You can also call Surfline customer care if you want to unlock your device to make it a universal one.

Buying Data And Credit On Surfline

There are ranges of data that can be purchased by Surfline users which are limited and unlimited.

They also have night bundles and bundle for people that use the internet to do business. Here is how to top up your Surfline data.

  1. Dial *718*77# on either AirtelTgio, Vodafone, or MTN networks to bring up the USSD menu.
  2. Select 3 to purchase data.
  3. Enter your Surfline SIM number with 025 at the front.
  4. Select the data bundle category that you prefer. You can also enter 00 to see the remaining data bundles.
  5. A message will then be sent to you confirming the purchase of the data after you exit the application.
  6. You can also purchase data by using mobile money. Here is how to go about it.
  7. Dial *389*7# to use mobile money to purchase the data bundles
  8. You can also purchase data online.
  9. Go to SlydePay Payment Platform
  10. Navigate to internet and data and then select Surfline data
  11. Enter your Surfline number with 025 at the front
  12. You will see a pop-up with some details showing up. Click on Confirm
  13. Choose the data bundle you want
  14. Choose your payment method
  15. Input your wallet number and then click on the pay
  16. Wait patiently for the purchase confirmation
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Checking Your Surfline Data Balance

You can check the balance of your data by using the Surfline Self-Care Portal. You can also use your mobile phone to check your data balance by following the steps below. Please note that this has been tried on MTN, Vodafone, and AirtelTigo networks.

  1. Dial *718*77# on any of the above-mentioned networks.
  2. Enter the number of your Surfline SIM with 025 at the front of it.
  3. Select option1
  4. A message will then be sent to you showing the balance of your Surfline data.       

Surfline Locations

You can locate Surfline at any of these branches.

  • Accra Shopping Mall
  • Mama’s inn along BA Opoku Street in Dansoman
  • 1st floor of American house in East Legon
  • Rainbow bus stop opposite the Fasti body and hair care on Spintex road
  • In Tema, Community 1, opposite the Obunu FM
  • No.5 Paa Grant road, near the Cape Coast station in Takoradi

Surfline Contact

You can contact Surfline Ghana if you need any assistance from them

You can also check out Surfline versus Busy Ghana to know which one to buy.

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