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Tecno Camon Models And Their Main Specs

Technology has made it possible for us to now communicate with our loved ones no matter the distance that may be between us.

Mobile phones have transformed over the years. There was the table phone at the beginning which had a round dialer.

During this era, one always had to be in the house if one wanted to make or receive a phone call.

However, through the advancement of technology, phones are now portable. Almost everyone carries a phone with them when they go out.

They can also receive phone calls anywhere they may be. Phones today can now even do video calls so that one can see the other without having to travel a long distance of miles to see them.

We recently did an article on all iPhone models as well as a section of the models in the vast Samsung lineup.

Today, we will be looking at Tecno, which is one of the fastest-growing mobile smartphone brands in Ghana at the moment.

Tecno has several models of smartphones out on the market that is selling fairly well. For today, we will be looking at the Camon 16 line of smartphones.   

The Tecno Camon 16 is one of the best within the Tecno brand. There are about 4 versions of the smartphone and each person can buy the one which suits him best according to the features that come with the phone.

Tecno Camon 16

The Tecno Camon 16 was in October 2020. It came with a big 6.8” screen.

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It came with a RAM of 4GB while the internal storage ranges from 64GB to 128GB. A memory card can also be added to increase the storage size further, for those who love to keep a lot of things on their smartphones.

It has a big 64Mp rear camera and a 16MP front camera. Your photo worries are certainly over.

  • It runs on Android 10 with a HIOS 6.0.
  • Power is derived from a 5000mAh battery.

Tecno Camon 16 Premier

The Tecno Camon 16 Premier came out in September 2020. It also came with a large 6.8” screen for all your viewing pleasure.

The internal storage capacity is 128GB while the RAM is 8GB.

The rear camera consists of 64MP with a dual 48MP front camera which is surely enough to snap something for Instagram.

Power is provided by a large 4500mAh battery. It also runs on Android 10 with HIOS 6.0.

Tecno Camon 16 Pro

The Tecno Camon 16 Pro was also unveiled to the world in September 2020. With a big 6.8” IPS LCD screen, you will surely enjoy all the movies that you will watch on it.

RAM is 4GB to 6GB and it has a storage capacity of 128GB.

It also runs on the Android 10 platform with HIOS 7.0.

The camera is a huge 64MP for the rear and a dual 16MP front camera. This is surely enough to take all those high-quality photos that you have been yearning to shoot.

Power comes from a 5000mAh battery that will require you to leave your charger behind when you go out.

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Tecno Camon 16 S

Unveiled in November of 2020, the Tecno Camon 16 S came with a 6.6” screen.

The internal consisted of 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage capacity.

The camera is equipped with a 48MP rear camera and an 8MP inner camera for all your quality photography shoots.

  • Battery power is made up of 5000mAh.
  • It also runs on Android 10 with a HIOS 6.2.

These are the Tecno Camon models out on the Ghanaian market at the moment. All these smartphones can be purchased in Ghana at any phone shop in the country.

The Tecno Camon line also has some of the best features that will make any use of the phone applaud its performance.

Apart from the great features of the Camon line, the phones are also beautifully and ergonomically designed.

If you are in the market for a new smartphone that can hold up to its own among the big boys on the market, we suggest you give the Tecno Camon a try and see how you fall in love with it.

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