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A Look At The E-zwich Payment System In Ghana

We are sure that almost everyone reading this has heard about e-zwich before. 

This is an electronic payment system that was introduced in Ghana some years ago to facilitate payments. 

Since most of you may have forgotten about the service even though it is still in play, we thought it wise to remind you by telling you more about it.

So what Is The E-Zwich Payment System?

The e-zwich name is the brand name of the National Switch and Smart card payment system. 

The system is one of the innovative ways through which the accessibility of banking and retail services in Ghana are made available to the people. 

The e-zwich system also offers deposit-taking financial entities such as universal banks, savings and loans agencies, and rural banks. 

This allows the above-mentioned financial institutions the ability to interoperate. 

Through this, holders of the e-zwich card can perform several banking and retail functions at any e-zwich outlet where they find themselves.

Each e-zwich card holder has a wide array of banks and other financial institutions available to him where he can conduct e-zwich transactions. 

Because of this, you do not have to go all the way to any specific bank for any financial transactions. 

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The e-zwich is the only card in the country that allows its users nationwide access to financial institutions as well as control over their transactions.

Features Of The E-Zwich Payment System

Let us now take a look at the features of the e-zwich payment system.


The system can perform both online and offline transactions. 

This great feature allows the system to be used almost anywhere in the country no matter how good or bad the connections network in that area is. 

Cash deposits, cash withdrawals, and sales are some of the transactions that can be performed offline in any part of the country without any problems at all.


The users of the system benefit from one of the safest services available in the country. 

The system makes use of the biometric (fingerprint) client authentication system. 

The fingers of the user are scanned when he or she is enrolled in the system for the first time. 

The templates are then stored on the card the client. Whenever the client is conducting a transaction, the system will demand verification to see if it is the client by comparing the fingerprint it has in its database to the person conducting the transaction. 

This ensures that only the owner of the card will be able to access the funds on it.


One of the best features is the system’s ability to be accessed almost everywhere in the country compared to other payment systems in the country. 

Almost all banks, rural banks, and savings and loan institutions in the country offer e-zwich services regardless of where the card was initially issued. 

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Merchant and business people also offer e-zwich services to their customers who hold e-zwich cards.

E-zwich International Remittance

This is a platform that allows the e-zwitch users in Ghana to receive money from outside the country straight into their e-zwich cards. 

The system allows secure and fast distribution of funds directly into the account of the recipient without any problems at all.

Banks That Offer E-zwich

Here are the banks that offer e-zwich:

  • GTB Bank
  • Access bank
  • Prudential bank
  • UT bank
  • And many other banks


Can the e-zwich card be used anywhere in Ghana?

The card can be used at any financial institution that offer the e-zwich services 

Can I use the e-zwich service for money transfers?

You can transfer money from the e-zwich card to your mobile money account. Refer to this artist

How secure is the e-zwich service?

By using fingerprint as a client authentification system, the e- zwich is one of the safest payment systems in the country at the moment.


So that is all there is to know about the e-zwich payment system. 

Of course, there is more information but only deals with individual clients and that can be provided to each person by the banks and financial institutions.

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