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How To Apply And Renew Your Ghana Passport Online

The process of applying for a Ghanaian passport has undergone a significant enhancement, making it more accessible and convenient than ever before.

The introduction of online passport application services has eliminated the need for individuals to travel to Accra for passport-related matters.

Now, applicants can submit their requests online and collect their passports at any designated passport center within the country.

The convenience of this online application process comes with an adjustment in the passport fees, reflecting a slight increase. It’s advisable for applicants to be aware of this change in pricing.

If you are contemplating applying for a new passport or renewing an existing one and wish to do so from the comfort of your home, this article will guide you through the steps. All that is required is a computer and an internet connection.

Please take the time to carefully read through the instructions provided in this article to facilitate a smooth and efficient passport application experience.

What Is A Passport? 

A passport is an official document issued by the government that serves as a certification of an individual’s citizenship.

This crucial document not only confirms the holder’s status as a citizen of the country but also grants them the right to travel abroad under the protection and representation of their home country.

Essentially, a passport is a recognized and standardized form of identification and travel authorization, facilitating international travel and providing proof of citizenship for the bearer.

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The online passport application system, inaugurated in 2017 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, stands as the exclusive channel for individuals seeking to apply for a Ghanaian passport.

This digital approach to passport application was introduced with the dual objectives of enhancing user convenience and ensuring the highest standards of security throughout the entire process.

The integration of the online passport application process with online payment systems represents a notable advancement.

This feature eliminates the need for applicants to physically visit a bank to obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN), streamlining the overall application experience.

The synergy between the online platform and digital payment systems exemplifies the commitment to modernizing and simplifying the passport application process while maintaining rigorous security measures.

What You Need Before Applying

There are some things that you will need before you will be able to apply for a Ghanaian passport online. Below are the needed documents.

  • Birth certificate, to show that you are Ghanaian
  • Other documents like driver’s license or ID card
  • Proof of profession, you will need an introductory letter from your employer or you can use a work ID that bears your name along with your position as well as that of the organization that you work for. You can also use a student ID if you are not working at the moment

Renewing Your Passport

For those who want to renew their passport, you will need to provide

  1. First page and bio data page along with the picture and information about your passport 
  2. A valid visa if you have any in the old passport
  3. The last page
  4. Proof of your profession if you have changed worked since the time you first got the passport
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Price Of Passports In Ghana

The prices of the application vary since there are two types of applications. These are the expedited application which is also known as ‘Express’ and the standard application which takes longer than the expedited application to process. Here are the prices below.

  1. Standard application with a 32-page booklet costs GHS 100, while the one with a 48-page booklet costs GHS 150
  2. Expedited application with a 32-page booklet costs GHS 150, while one with a 48-page booklet costs GHS 200 

How To Apply For A Passport In Ghana

  1. Visit the online application portal at and create an account
  2. Click on the ‘sign up to create a new account and then confirm the new account by entering the code you received in your SMS in the confirmation box
  3. Now login into the application portal by using your username and password
  4. Click on ‘start new application’ and then pay the processing fee through the online payment system. The form to be filled will then be sent to your account. You will find the form in ‘My Applications’
  5. Fill out the form and make sure to complete it with all the relevant details and then sign the declaration form
  6. Find a date on which you can visit the passport application center so that you can verify your documents as well as the biometric details such as fingerprints and photographs. You will then print the final document and send it to be signed by your guarantor.
  7. After that, you can visit the application center again for your documents and the biometric details to be verified. You will be told when to expect the passport
  8. An SMS will be sent to notify you when the passport is ready. Visit the passport center and collect your new passport
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Passport Application Centers And Their Location

  • Accra- the Accra digital center, adjacent State Housing company, on the ring road west
  • Kumasi- located on the 2nd floor of Thankful; heights building in Adum
  • Koforidua- PWD office in the SSNIT office area
  • Kumais- Guggisberg rad opposite PWD in Adum
  • Takoradi- located at the Ghana immigration service headquarters
  • Sunyani- located adjacent to the Jubilee Park
  • Ho- located in the Regional administration building
  • Tamale- located at police park


Once the online application process is successfully completed, applicants can anticipate receiving their passports within a period of 15 days.

An SMS notification will be sent to inform the applicant about the readiness of the passport for collection.

To facilitate this final step, individuals are required to visit the designated passport application center.

The convenience of the process extends to payment methods as well. Applicants have the option to utilize mobile money services through their banks to settle the necessary fees.

This modern and accessible payment option aligns with the overall aim of simplifying the passport application experience and making it more user-friendly.

It also reflects the integration of contemporary digital solutions into the traditional administrative processes for enhanced efficiency.

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