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How To Upload Your Files To Google Drive

If you are looking to upload your files to google drive, it is an easy thing to do. When you upload your files to google drive, you can access them on any of your electronic gadgets, be it android, ios, mac, or PC.

Accessing the files will not matter your location as long as you have access to good internet services.

What Is Google Drive?

This is a cloud-based storage service developed by Google Inc. it provides users with 15GB of storage space that is free along with when a person creates a Gmail account.

If the person so desires or if the initial 15GB is not enough, the person can purchase more storage space from Google at a fee.

Google allows you to upload any file at all to google drive. These can be photos, videos, text files, pdf or even work files from the Microsoft office suite.

These files can then be accessed by the user on different devices irrespective of his location. All he needs is to have an internet connection.

Google Drive can also be used to attach files to email messages, especially when these files are too large to be sent in the email message directly. The recipient will then download the attachment from google drive after receiving the email.

How To Upload The Files To Google Drive

Now that we know what google drive is and what it is used for, let us look at how you can upload your files to google drive easily. Please just follow the steps shown below.

  1. Go to google drive on your computer and click on ‘go to drive’
  2. Type in your email address and login into your google account
  3. Now, click on ‘+New’ after you have logged in
  4. Now, choose ‘file upload’ in the drop-down menu that will appear
  5. On the following screen, go to the file that you wish to upload and select and then click on ‘open’
  6. The file you selected will then be uploaded to google drive. You will then see it on google drive
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You should take note that when the file is large, it will take some time before it gets uploaded to the drive so you will not see it there immediately. You will need to wait a while.

Uploading Multiple Files To Google Drive

If you want to upload a bunch of files together, you can do so instead of uploading each of them one by one.

Google Drive allows you to upload a folder with multiple files inside it. Please follow the steps below to upload a folder of files to google drive.

  1. On your computer, go to google drive and sign in to your google account
  2. Now, click on ‘+New’ and then choose ‘folder upload’ inside the drop-down menu
  3. Now, go to ‘upload’ and choose the folder you wish to upload, and then click on ‘open’
  4. The folder that you chose will be uploaded to google drive. You will then be able to see it in google drive after it has finished uploading 

Editing Files On Google Drive

Although google drive is a cloud-based storage service, it allows you to do more than just store files for safekeeping.

You can even use google drive as a workspace where you will be able to edit your files such as Microsoft word and excel work files.

All these can be done on google drive. Please follow the short steps below on how to do that. 

  1. In your google drive, right-click on the file that you want to edit
  2. Choose ‘open with’ and then select ‘google sheets’ from the menu that appears. You can also use google docs for this purpose if the file is a Microsoft word file
  3. The file you chose will be opened in either google sheets or google docs depending on the type of file that it is. You will now be able to edit the files and then save it
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You can now upload your files easily to google drive for safekeeping and you now also know how to edit files that have already been uploaded to google drive. I hope you found this article educative enough to visit this site for more.  

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