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How To See Worldwide Trends On Twitter

Now let’s cover how to see worldwide trends. After publishing our previous article covering how to make a thread go viral, we have seen our readers searching for how to know what’s happening in other countries using Twitter. This article will cover that.

Thanks to social media, it is now more easy to get to know what’s happening around the world.

And among all the platforms, Twitter is known to be the source of real-time and authentic news. The Twitter platform is mainly where high authority profiles share their opinions and communicate with their people.

Twitter makes everything easy on its platform to know what’s happening in a specific area, country, or game.

If you are new to Twitter, here is how the platform works. All you have to do is sign up on the forum. After successful signup, you will be asked to follow topics that interest you, and Twitter will then use those topics you follow to give you feeds.

You will then follow people you always want to see their tweets.

To become famous, you will need to create excellent threads that will catch people’s attention, making them follow you and retweet your lines.

You can then start messaging your friends, following people, and making new friends.

What makes Twitter one of the best apps Is that Twitter deals with trends. As soon as the platform detects many people talking about a particular story, it creates a hashtag for it, and then it becomes added to what’s trending in that country.

Recently WhatsApp and Facebook went down, and #WhatsAppIsDown became a trend that everybody could tweet about and go through what people are saying about the downtime. We wrote an article detailing what caused the outage, and you can read it here.

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Now let’s dive into trends, what they are, and how to make good use of Twitter trends.

What Are Twitter Trends?

Twitter trends are topics that people have been talking about within a specific time. 

Twitter then creates a hashtag for that specific topic and adds it to the trending topics.

Many people are so used to Twitter trends that they tend not to believe it anytime they hear about a story but visit Twitter and check if it is indeed trending.

I remember when someone announced to me that Facebook was down, I didn’t believe him until I checked if it was really down on Twitter.

What Are Worldwide Trends?

On the other hand, worldwide trends refer to trends happening around the world based on the engagements on those trends. Twitter then group them and add them to the worldwide trends.

When you decide to go through worldwide trends, you will see all related and non-related trends happening worldwide. 

We will first cover how to see worldwide trends on Android, and after that, we will dive into seeing what’s trending worldwide on IOS and desktops. 

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How To See World Wide Trends On Android 

Follow these steps to see worldwide trends using Android:

  1. Launch your Twitter app. On your homepage, click on the search icon at the bottom
  2. Twitter will show you all the trends happening in your country. To see worldwide trends click on the Setting icon on the top right
  3. On the location tab, untick the Show Content In This Location. You will then see a tab named Explore Locations
  4. Click on Explore Locations and select the country/countries you want to see what’s trending inside. Twitter also allows you to see what’s trending inside a specific county in a country.

How To See What’s Trending Worldwide On IOS 

Follow these steps to see worldwide trends using IOS:

  1. Launch Twitter on your IOS
  2. Tap on your profile on the top left 
  3. Select Settings And Privacy 
  4. Click on Content Preference to disable ‘Show Content In This Location.’ 
  5. Now open the Explore Settings and choose from the country you want to see trending topics.
  6. How To See What’s Trending Worldwide On Desktop
  7. Log in to your Twitter account on your desktop
  8. On your Trend For You Tab, click on the Settings icon
  9. Untick Show Content In This Location 
  10. Now click on Explore locations and search for the country you want to see trends inside.

How To See Worldwide Trends Using A Website

So this article has taken you through seeing what’s trending around the globe and involves changing some default Twitter settings. 

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What if you don’t want to change your Twitter default settings?

That’s why we are now going to cover how to see worldwide trends using a website, to do this:

  1. Visit
  2. Chose the location you want to see what’s trending there 
  3. Copy the hashtag you want to follow or share your opinion on
  4. Open your Twitter account and search for that hashtag to join


Now we live in a small world, where it’s easy to know what’s happening around the world. 

This article covered how to know what’s trending worldwide using your Android, ios, or desktop.

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